The Dead Zone

Season 6 Episode 9


Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Aug 12, 2007 on USA

Episode Recap

Sarah is preparing for Hope's baptism the next day and Johnny helps her, and she thanks Johnny for being there. She gives him a pair of her father's cufflinks but things are clearly awkward. They go to the church the next day but Father Tony, the priest they were expecting, isn't there. Father Brendan asks J.J. to help but during the ceremony, Johnny gets a vision of Father Brendan performing an exorcism over him.

Afterward at the baptism party, Johnny compliments Sarah and she thanks him for helping. Johnny talks to Father Brendan who says he's never performed an exorcism and wonders if Johnny's gift is psychic, or spiritual. Sheriff Turner arrives with a gift for Sarah, saying her investigation of Walt is nothing personal. The party is interrupted when Brian Judd arrives and demands to know where Father Tony is, who has disappeared along with Judd's wife Kelly. Later, as Johnny and Sarah go over the presents, Johnny gets a vision of Father Brendan cleaning up a bloody shirt after an exorcism, and finding Father Tony kneeling in the corner, sobbing and holding a Bible.

Johnny goes to see Brendan and insists on seeing Father Tony or he'll go the Sheriff Turner. Father Brendan reluctantly agrees and shows Johnny to the room from the vision, where Father Tony is sitting in the corner. Brendan claims Father Tony is possessed and Johnny can't get through to him although he keeps saying the name Kelly. Johnny notices patron saint names are written on the wall, as protection against Satan.

At the police station, a Leo Vitali arrives to see Walt and isn't aware he's dead. When Turner explains Walt is dead, Vitali says he came to collect a debt.

Brendan explains that Tony knew Kelly and they were once in love, but refuses to help further since Johnny didn't see Tony kill anyone in the vision. They see flowers in the church that have been ripped apart although Brendan knows they were fine the other day. When Johnny touches them, he gets a vision of a cloth-wrapped body being buried at the Valley Farm. He calls Turner who orders a search and they find Kelly's body. She orders Brian's arrest and Johnny doesn't confide in her about Father Tony.

The next day Johnny goes to see Father Brendan who has moved Father Tony to somewhere safer, somewhere he refuse to tell Tony. Johnny gets a vision of Father Brendan hearing Father Tony's confession about Kelly's murder, but Brendan refuses to violate the sanctity of confession or help Johnny locate Father Tony.

Turner interrogates Brian Judd then meets with Sarah, who is there to get Walt's picture from his computer. She asks Sarah about Leo Vitali but Sarah claims not to have heard of him. She goes back to home and talks to Johnny, and advises him to talk to Turner about it rather than protect Father Tony. Johnny goes back to the church and examines the room where Father Tony was, and gets a vision of Kelly meeting Father Tony at the King Road Hotel. He finds her wedding ring in a drawer and goes to the hotel to confront Father Tony. He finds Father Brendan there preparing to perform an exorcism. Johnny reluctantly participates and realizes that the holy water is actually acid, causing the demonic "burns."

Father Tony is arrested and Brian goes into a fury when he sees the father being arrested. Father Brendan still insists that Tony is innocent but Johnny doesn't believe. Johnny returns home where he helps Sarah clean off the dirt from the footprints left earlier, and he gets a vision of Brian burying Kelly. He goes to see Brian where he works at the pharmacy, pats him on the shoulder, and gets a vision of Brian sneaking into Tony's bedroom and leaving his wife's bloody shirt on the bed, drugging Tony's water, and leaving Kelly's wedding ring in the drawer. Johnny confronts Brian who admits it but notes there's no evidence, but Turner is there and hears everything.

Father Tony returns to the church while Johnny and Father Brendan explain what happened. Tony is still not convinced, since he committed adultery and is still going to leave the priesthood. Johnny and Brendan both admit they were wrong, and Brendan admits he thinks Johnny's gift is the closest thing to evidence of God he has seen.

Turner comes to see Sarah and shows her that Walt owns a cabin in Sumerset county, a cabin Sarah never knew about. Turner lets slip that Johnny knew about Walt's death, while Johnny confesses to Father Brendan that he kept the secret. Father Brendan advises him to tell Sarah the truth so he can find peace. Johnny returns home and starts to talk to Sarah, who reveals she knows about it. She says there's no future there for her with Johnny and he steps out as she closes the door behind him.