The Dead Zone

Season 2 Episode 19


Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Aug 17, 2003 on USA
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Johnny tries to determine who the mysterious hooded man in his visions are and aid him in the present, while determining more about what the future holds for him personally.

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  • A very important episode for the series.

    Finally we reach the end to a long season. In this episode Johnny finds out more about the horrible future everyone has in store for them if Greg Stillson gets to power. This episode's focus was on the mysterious man Johnny has been seeing for the last couple of episodes this series. We find out that we is from the future and is trying to contract Johnny to find out how he ended up like this. Johnny works out that the man went into a coma and somehow wakes up to the bleak future. Johnny must try and alter the future to save this man and his family. This was a good ending to the season, and the ending that Johnny could be involved with the distruction of the world left me wanting more. I hope that by next season we can learn more about Greg Stillson and prehaps his plans for the future?moreless
  • Johnny's visions in a whole new light.

    The season 2 finale--"Visions"-- drew me right in. They've finally gotten into the sci-fi aspect of Johnny Smith and his powers. Now the viewers are treated to the exploration of Johnny's "End of the World" vision through one of the future survivors (Christopher Wey). The episode has all the usual mystery and drama, but is injected with new life as it tackles with the premise of time travel. The writers have managed to keep the temporal stuff from tripping over itself, and hopefully they can continue making it an asset instead of a hindrance like some shows. "Visions" is a great episode.moreless
  • A memorable episode and an amazing season finale.

    This episode is my all-time favorite Dead Zone episode. This episode had it all. It had action, it had suspense, it had drama, it had mystery and even added a tad bit of humor. If you want to find an awesome season finale, look no further because this is the one.

    This episode provides the answer to mysterious man who has been appearing shortly in season 2.5 episodes. Guest star Frank Whaley gives a terrific portrayal of Christopher Wey and it's always nice to see Ione Skye, who plays his wife. This episode deals with the Armageddon story arc, even though Sean Patrick Flannery (Greg Stillson) was absent. The special effects, were once again spectacular (one my favorite vision sequences occurs during the episode while we figure out the truth about Christopher Wey). The writers went completely all out with this episode with this amazing story. And brace yourself and have the telephone ready to dial 911, because the cliffhanger at the end of the episode will blow your mind and take your breath away.

    In conclusion, if there is one Dead Zone episode you have to watch, it's this one. Do not, I repeat, do not miss this episode!moreless
Brenna O'Brien

Brenna O'Brien

Julia Wey

Guest Star

Vincent Gale

Vincent Gale

Joe Foster

Guest Star

Ione Skye

Ione Skye

Madeleine Wey

Guest Star

Frank Whaley

Frank Whaley

Christopher Wey

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    • Frank Whaley (Christopher Wey) and Ione Skye (Madeleine Wey) previously appeared together in the 1998 movie "Went to Coney Island on a Mission From God... Be Back by Five." That movie uses a lot of interwoven flashbacks and past-present mixtures, just like The Dead Zone.

    • This is the fourth (and largest) appearence of the mysterious man that appears in Johnny's visions, having previously been seen in "The Storm", "The Mountain," and "The Combination."


    • Magazine cover:
      Johnny is shown a copy of a future magazine with a photo of Johnny on the cover along with the tagline "Will This Man Destroy The World?"
      The style and formatting of the cover is that of the American weekly news magazine Newsweek.