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The Dead Zone

Season 1 Episode 2

What It Seems

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Jun 23, 2002 on USA
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Episode Summary

What It Seems
With the help of his new friend Bruce, Johnny attempts to stop the Bangor Strangler from claiming another victim.

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  • great episode.

    this story is lifted from the book & continuation of johnny's first visions after his coma. the accident that resulted in his coma triggered 'the dead zone' in his brain when he bumped his head way back when he was young & it seemed he really has the gift of clairvoyance, of seeing things before it happens. he already made it possible for his doctor to be reunited w/ his mother & his nurse saved her daughter just in time from a fire in the pilot episode & this is based on the book as well & that greg stillson character would be a continuing plot in the series. this time he helped solved a case of sheriff bannerman's investigation of a serial killer on the loose who turned out to be one of the deputy sheriffs.moreless
  • That was a surprise.

    And here I sat just a few minutes ago, saying how I didn't think the unaired pilot was any different from the real pilot. Turns out the unaired pilot is episodes one and two weaven in one. Didn't see that coming. That's one less episode of season one I can watch!

    Obviously, the second episode was a bit of a let down compared to the first one. He solved a murder in the countryside, which is obviously not as exciting as reuniting a son and his lost mother in some godforsaken country like Vietnam or Cambodja. They wear straw hats there.

    I'm guessing the events in this episode are going to tell me what's next in a line of marvelous episodes. Let's hope I'm right, and let's hope this episode can keep true to its promises.moreless
  • Great show again after the pilot

    Bruce is Johnny's personal trainer and that he also becomes

    His best friend as Johnny tries to re-introduce himself to

    The outside world after being in a coma for six years.

    His first case of work is trying to stop a murderer

    Who keeps killing again and again. Again it is a great show

    With great writing and acting, led by Anthony Michael Hall!
  • Johnny's first work after leaving the hospital.

    At the end of the pilot episode, Johnny had a vision involving Alison, a nurse at the hospital, being murdered. Johnny and Bruce break into Alison's house to help her. After finding no one there, they go to the police station and talk with Sheriff Walt Bannerman, Sarah's husband. Walt picks up on who Johnny is pretty quick. Johnny claims that something bad has happened to Alison, but Walt clearly doesn't believe him. Dana Bright, a reporter hanging around the station, overhears Bruce talk of Johnny's abilities and sees Johnny as her next story. After a good reference from Dr. Tran, Walt decides to let Johnny help with the investigation. Apparently, the killer was tormented by his mother as a child. Johnny has lunch with Walt and Sarah. Walt and Johnny have similar interests. This is the beginning of the relationship between the three. Later, it is learned that Alison is alive. Bruce explains that because Johnny changed one thing, having Bruce call her, Alison's life was saved. Sarah comes over to visit Johnny after a newspaper story about him comes out. Johnny sees that if she doesn't leave, they will do something they regret. Johnny has another vision showing that someone else was killed instead. After touching the victim, Johnny identifies the killer: Frank Dodd, one of Walt's deputies. Both men go to Dodd's house to confront him. Johnny sees that Dodd's mother knew about her son's crimes and said nothing. Walt confronts Frank while Johnny fends off the mother. Johnny sees that he could be with Sarah if he let's Walt die. Johnny saves Walt's life and Frank Dodd is killed. Johnny is tempted many times by his love for Sarah, but he doesn't stop doing what is right.moreless
  • Continued

    The season premiere concludes with this episode where Johnny with the help of Bruce will un mask the true killer....who turned out to be a fellow police officer......wow.

    The Deputy who has worked with Walt for several years decides to exact revenge on his mother for a lifetime to physical, emotional and sexual abuse by killing women.

    A great conlusion to a very powerful pilot.

Emily Holmes

Emily Holmes

Allison Connover

Guest Star

Michael Rogers

Michael Rogers

Frank Dodd

Guest Star

Fran Gebhard

Fran Gebhard

Henrietta Dodd

Guest Star

Michael St. John Smith

Michael St. John Smith

Mike Kennedy

Recurring Role

Rick Tae

Rick Tae

Dr. Tran

Recurring Role

David Ogden Stiers

David Ogden Stiers

Rev. Gene Purdy

Recurring Role

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

    • When Johnny comes to see Walt, Walt doesn't recognize him until he tells him who he is. But, we see in future episodes that Walt already saw Johnny with Sarah at the hospital while he was in a coma.

  • QUOTES (11)

    • Johnny: (answering his phone) Yeah, Sheriff.
      Walt: How'd you know it was me? Don't answer that.

    • Sarah: Johnny...what are you doing here?
      Walt: Uh, just a little police business. Nothing to worry about.
      Johnny: He rousted me.
      Walt: I didn't.
      Johnny: He told me the town wasn't big enough for the two of us.

    • Bruce: (about Johnny) He sees things. Like a psychic, but times a hundred. He sees things. He saved a baby from a burning house. He found a man's mother that everybody thought was dead. Do not, under any circumstances play poker with him, okay?

    • Johnny: (answering his phone): Hey Bruce.
      Bruce: Your new brain must come with Caller ID
      Johnny: What's Caller ID?

    • Walt: By the way, Sarah's gonna ask you to dinner. I want you to say no.
      Johnny: No problem.

    • Walt: By the way, what size of boots do you wear?
      Johnny: Ten wide.
      Walt: Good, because right now, every cop in America would be saying you are the prime suspect.

    • Walt: Go out and find yourself a date, Dana. You're not going to get any love around here.
      Dana: I'm not here for the love, Sheriff, I'm here for the doughnuts.

    • Sarah: You don't have to go through this by yourself, Johnny.
      Johnny: I have this amazing guy named Bruce, were doing biofeedback.
      Sarah: And where was he when you had your tonsils out in second grade?
      Johnny: Tonsils?
      Sarah: And someone brought you chicken soup that she made herself. You can't get rid of me, so get used to it.

    • Johnny: So, how did the two of you meet?
      Walt: The hospital, actually.
      Sarah: I was visiting you, and Walt's grandmother was dying.
      Johnny: Yeah, hospitals are great places to meet singles.

    • Walt: What am I supposed to do? Round up all the usual, closet-smoking impotent suspects that wear vinyl raincoats?

    • Bruce: Anything you want to tell me?
      Johnny: Like?
      Bruce: Like "I can see the killer and he's hiding upstairs in the hall closet."
      Johnny: I don't have x-ray vision, Bruce.

  • NOTES (2)