The Dean Martin Show - Season 6

NBC (ended 1974)




Episode Guide

  • James Stewart / Laurie Ichino / Dom DeLuise

    Dean Martin - "Back in Your Own Backyard."
    Dean Martin - "For the Good Times."
    Laura Ichino dances to "Dancing" (first dandes solo and then joined by Dean).
    The Dingalings - "Tennessee Stud."
    The Golddiggers - "You'll Remember Me."
    "Everybody's Got A Little Song" with Dean Martin, Jimmy Stewart, Dom DeLuise and The Golddiggers.
    Dean Martin and The Golddiggers – "Welcome To My World" medley: "Sentimental Journey," "Home" and "America the Beautiful."
    Dean Martin – "Everybody Loves Somebody" (full-length version, which he sang for the finale on the last episode of the season, for the first six years of the series)moreless
  • Peggy Lee / Ernest Borgnine / Dom DeLuise / Fred Smoot
    Peggy Lee, Ernest Borgnine, Dom DeLuise, Fred Smoot
    --Dean Martin - "Bye-Bye, Blackbird" & "Imagination"
    --Peggy Lee - "One More Ride on the Merry-Go-Round"
    --Peggy Lee and Dean Martin - "Together Again," "For the Good Times" and "Raindrops Keep Fallin' on My Head"
  • Marty Feldman / Norm Crosby / Milt Kamen / Laurie Ichino
    Marty Feldman, Norm Crosby, Milt Kamen, Laurie Ichino
    --Dean Martin - "Almost Like Being in Love" & "P.S. I Love You"
    --Laurie Ichino and Dean Martin - "Cheek to Cheek"
    --The Golddiggers - "Trip with Me" and "Don't Tell Mama"
  • Eubie Blake / Petula Clark / Orson Welles / Leonard Barr
    --Eubie Blake sings "I'm Just Wild About Harry," his classic 1921 song.
    --Petula Clark - "The Song Is Love"
    --Petula Clark and Dean Martin - "I'm In Love Again" and "Love, Love, Love"
    --Dean Martin - "Swanee" and "Stars Fell on Alabama"
    --Orson Welles takes Dean on a museum tour.
    Also appearing:
    --Leonard Barrmoreless
  • Marty Feldman / Odia Coates / Ronnie Corbett & Ronnie Barker
    --Dean Martin - "Sweetheart" & "A Hundred Years from Today"
    --Odia Coates - "Smiling Phases"
    --The Ding-a-Lings - "Soul Cookin'"
    Also appearing:
    --Marty Feldman
    --Ronnie Corbett and Ronnie Barker (comedy team)
  • Zero Mostel / Fred Smoot / Jackie Vernon

    --Zero Mostel, Fred Smoot, Jackie Vernon

    Dean Martin: "There's A Rainbow 'Round My Shoulder"
    The Dingaling Sisters: "Do The Funky Chicken"
    Dean & Ken at The Piano
    Dean Martin: "It's The Talk Of The Town"
    Dean Martin & Zero Mostel: "Brush Up Your Shakespeare"
    Dean Martin, Zero Mostel & Tommy Tune: "Me And My Shadow"
    Zero Mostel & Kay Medford: "Do You Love Me?"
    Dean Martin & The Golddiggers: "Welcome to My World" Medley: "I Could Write a Book" /"Just Friends" / "It's Easy to Remember"

  • Diahann Carroll / Charles Nelson Reilly
    --Diahann Carroll - "Fire and Rain"
    --Diahann Carroll and Dean Martin - "Nice Work if You Can Get It," "Cuddle Up a Little Closer," "Will You Still Be Mine?" "Let the Rest of the World Go By" and "I'm Sitting on Top of the World"
    --The Golddiggers - "Tennessee Bird Walk"
  • Debbie Reynolds / Marty Feldman / Paul Lynde


    Dean Martin: "Somebody Stole My Gal."

    Debbie Reynolds: Medley: "Carolina In The Mornin'" / "On The Sunny Side Of The Street" / "When the Midnight Choo-Choo Leaves for Alabam" / "Sweet Georgia Brown" / "Me and My Shadow."

    Dean & Ken at The Piano.

    Dean Martin: "Together Again."

    Dean Martin & Debbie Reynolds: "A Couple of Swells."

    Dean Martin, Debbie Reynolds, Paul Lynde & The Golddiggers: "Everybody's Got A Song" (singing impressions and parodies).

    Dean Martin & The Golddiggers: "Welcome To My World" Medley: "It Happened In Monterey" / "South Of The Border" / "Red Sails In The Sunset".

    Comedy skits:

    "In Trouble with the Law" features Debbie Reynolds as a seductive dancer.

    A "Fantastic Voyage" spoof with a miniaturized Paul Lynde taking viewers on an internal tour of a President's body.

  • Zero Mostel / Ruth Buzzi / Paul Lynde
    --Dean Martin - "I'm Sitting on Top of the World" and "The Tip of My Fingers"
    --Zero Mostel - "Sunrise, Sunset"
    --Ruth Buzzi - "Dancing on the Ceiling"
    --Ruth Buzzi and Kay Medford - "A Little Brains, a Little Talent"
  • Bob Newhart / Celebrity Offspring including Dino, Deana and Gail Martin; Frank Sinatra Jr.; Lucie Arnaz & Desi Arnaz Jr.

    --Bob Newhart
    The other guests are offsprings of celebrities:
    Frank Sinatra Jr.
    Dean Paul, Deana and Gail Martin (Dean's children)
    Lucie Arnaz & Desi Arnaz Jr.
    Maureen Reagan
    Meredith MacRae
    Billy Hinsche

    Dean Martin: "On A Slow Boat to China"
    Celebrity Offspring: "Applause"
    Dean Martin and Celebrity Offspring: "Love Is The Reason"
    Frank Sinatra Jr., Deana Martin and Lucie Arnaz: "Side by Side by Side"
    Dean Martin: "Mean to Me"
    Dino, Desi, and Billy: "Lady Love"
    Meredith MacRae, Gail Martin and Maureen Reagan: "Triplets"
    Dean Martin, Bob Newhart and Celebrity Offspring:"Everybody's Got A Little Song"(singing impressions and parodies)
    Dean Martin and the Golddiggers: "Welcome To My World" medley: "Street of Dreams" / "Memories Are Made of This" / "The Very Thought of You"

  • Raymond Burr / Diahann Carroll / Pat Henry
    --Dean Martin - "For Once in My Life" and "Raining in My Heart"
    --Diahann Carroll - "This Is Your Life"
    --Diahann Carroll and Dean Martin - "Gypsy in My Soul," "King of the Road," "Bummin' Around" and "Breezin' Along with the Breeze"
    --Barbara Heller and Kay Medford - "Get Married, Shirley"
    --The Golddiggers - "I Wanna Be Loved"moreless
  • Orson Welles / Charles Nelson Reilly / Don Rice
    --Orson Welles, in a dramatic monologue, recites the story of Noah.
    --Dean Martin sings "Second Rose" and "April Showers"
    Dean Martin and the Golddiggers - "Three Coins in the Fountain," "I Love Paris" and "A Foggy Day"
    --The Golddiggers - "Love the Way You Do Your Thing"
  • Dennis Weaver / Bob Newhart / Bobbie Martin
    Dean Martin - "Georgia Sunshine."
    Dennis Weaver - "Another Way."
    Dean Martin and Dennis Weaver - "Don't Fence Me In."
    Dean Martin - "How Deep Is the Ocean?"
    Dean Martin and Bobbi Martin – 'Country' Medley: "She's A Little Bit Country," "Anytime," "I Can't Help It (If I'm Still In Love WIth You)" and "Just A Little Lovin'."
    "Everybody's Got A Little Song" with Dean Martin, Dennis Weaver, Bob Newhart and Bobbi Martin.
    Dean Martin and the Golddiggers - "Welcome To My World" Medley: "You Always Hurt the One You Love," "Remember Me, I'm the One Who Loves You" and "The One I Love Belongs To Somebody Else."

    --Bob Newhart and Dean Martin play newsmen reporting from a nudist colony.
    --Bob Newhart does a comedy monologue wondering what would happen if food were banned.moreless
  • Frank Sinatra / Ruth Buzzi / Kay Medford / Barbara Heller
    Frank Sinatra, Ruth Buzzi, Kay Medford, Charles Nelson Reilly, Barbara Heller and Inga Neilsen.

    Dean Martin and Frank Sinatra - Medley: "Love Is Just Around the Corner," "My Kind of Girl," "But Beautiful," "Love," "I Get a Kick Out of You," "Goody Goody" and "Guys And Dolls."
    Dean Martin, Frank Sinatra and The Dingalings – "Dingaling" medley.
    Dean Martin - "Young at Heart."
    Frank Sinatra - "Something."
    "Everybody's Got A Little Song" with Dean Martin, Frank Sinatra, Ruth Buzzi, Ken Lane and The Golddiggers.
    Dean Martin, Frank Sinatra and The Golddiggers – "Welcome To My World" medley: "Now Is The Hour," "So Long, It's Been Good To Know You" and "Auld Lang Syne."

    Please see "Recap" for Comedy sketches.moreless
  • Glen Campbell / Gale Gordon / Dom DeLuise
    Dean Martin - "She's a Little Bit of Country."
    Glen Campbell - "Gotta Travel On."
    Dean Martin and Glen Campbell – Medley: "Blue Blue Day," "Singin' The Blues," "We'll Sing In The Sunshine" and "You Are My Sunshine."
    Dean Martin - "Raindrops Keep Fallin' on My Head."
    The Golddiggers – "Knowing When to Leave."
    "Everybody's Got A Little Song" with Dean Martin, Glen Campbell, Gale Gordon, Dom DeLuise and The Golddiggers.
    Dean Martin and The Golddiggers – "Welcome To My World" Medley – "You're My Everything," "Things" and "The Best Things In Life Are Free."

    Comedy sketches:
    --Dean Martin plays a liquor guzzling doctor in the Old West.
    --Gale Gordon (of "The Lucy Show" and "Here's Lucy") plays a salesman with the perfect gifts for people you dislike.
    --Dom DeLuise appears in sketches as a dog psychiatrist and a klutzy waiter.moreless
  • Glenn Ford / Barbara Feldon / Charles Nelson Reilly / Lancelot Link & The Evolution Revolution
    --Glenn Ford, Barbara Feldon, Charles Nelson Reilly, and Lancelot Link and Evolution Revolution (musical chimps from the "Lancelot Link" TV series)
    --Dean Martin - "Invisible Tears" and “Don’t Blame Me”
    --Barbara Feldon - "100 Ways to Lose a Man”
    --Glenn Ford, Dean Martin and Charles Nelson Reilly - "Elegance”
    --Dean Martin and the Golddiggers - "Life is Just a Bowl of Cherries,” “Don’t Let the Blues Make You Bad" and "For the Good Times”
    --Glenn Ford explains to Dean how to study body language.
    --Charles Nelson plays a reluctant "human cannonball"moreless
  • Peter Graves / Jill St. John / Paul Lynde / Kathleen Freeman
    --Peter Graves (actor, from "Mission Impossible"), Jill St. John, Kathleen Freeman, comedians Ronnie Barker and Ron Corbett, and Paul Lynde.
    Musical Numbers:
    --Dean Martin - "I’m Gonna Sit Right Down and Write Myself a Letter" and "S’posin’."
    --Jill St. John - "Femininity."
    --Dean Martin and Jill St. John - "One of Those Songs."
    --Peter Graves and the Golddiggers - "I’d Rather Lead a Band."
    --The Ding-a-Lings - "Lucretia MacEvil."
    Dean Martin and the Golddiggers - "Love Is A Many Splendored Thing," "The Glory Of Love" and "But Beautiful"moreless
  • Mike Connors / Ruth Buzzi / Laurie Ichino / Dom DeLuise
    --Dean Martin - "I Take a Lot of Pride in What I Am" and "Home"
    Mike Connors, Dean Martin and Dom DeLuise - "Style"
    --Dean Martin and Laurie Ichino - "I Got Rhythm"
    --Dean Martin and the Golddiggers perform a medley of songs (Please see "Recap" for song titles)
    Please see "Recap" for comedy sketches.moreless
  • The Temptations / Vikki Carr / Billy Baxter / Charles Nelson Reilly
    --Dean Martin - "Where or When" and "It Had to Be You."
    --The Temptations - medley of their hits: My Girl," "Cloud Nine" and "The Way You Do the Things You Do."
    --Dean Martin and The Temptations - "Get Happy" and "Open the Door and Let the Good Times In."
    --Vikki Carr - "That Lucky Old Sun."
    --Vikki Carr and Dean Martin - "We Got Us," "Tea for Two" and "Just You, Just Me."
    Dean Martin and the Golddiggers - "You're Nobody Till Somebody Loves You," "Taking A Chance On Love" and "I'll Get By."
    Please see "Recap" for comedy sketches.moreless
  • Tony Bennett / Zero Mostel / Gloria Loring
    --Tony Bennett, Zero Mostel, Gloria Loring.
    --Zero Mostel - “If I Were a Rich Man”
    --Tony Bennett - "Something" and “Here, There and Everywhere”
    --Tony Bennett and the Golddiggers - "Sing, You Sinners”
    --Tony Bennett and Dean Martin - medley of Broadway tunes
    --Dean Martin - “Is it True What They Say about Dixie?” and “Make the World Go Away”
    --Dean Martin and the Golddiggers - “Strangers in the Night,” “In the Misty Moonlight" and “Blue Moon”
    --Dean Martin and Gloria Loring - Love song medley
    --Gloria Loring - “Honey Wind Blows”moreless
  • Ernest Borgnine / Everly Brothers / Sugar Ray Robinson / Alan Sues
    Ernest Borgnine, Everly Brothers, Sugar Ray Robinson, Alan Sues, Billy Baxter
    Musical numbers:
    Dean Martin – "Just A Little Bit South Of North Carolina."
    The Everly Brothers - "Mama Tried."
    The Everly Brothers and Dean Martin - "Bye-Bye Love" and "Your Cheatin' Heart."
    Dean Martin – "Cryin' Time."
    Sugar Ray Robinson – "Love Played a Trick on Me."
    "Everybody's Got A Little Song" w. Dean Martin, Ernest Borgnine, The Everly Brothers, Sugar Ray Robinson and Alan Sues and The Golddiggers.
    Dean Martin and The Golddiggers – "Welcome To My World" Medley – "When You're Smiling," "Rainbows Are Back In Style" and "Smile."
    Comedy sketches:
    --Dean Martin appears in a gladiator sketch with guests Ernest Borgnine, Sugar Ray Robinson and Alan Sues.
    --Borgnine plays a thief attempting to rob Sues.moreless
  • Barbara Feldon / David Frost / Jim Brown / Charles Nelson Reilly
    David Frost, Barbara Feldon, Jim Brown and Charles Nelson Reilly.
    --Dean Martin - “Love" and “My Woman, My Woman, My Wife”
    --Dean Martin and the Golddiggers - "Somewhere There’s a Someone,” “Once in a While" and “People”
    --The Golddiggers - "Gimme Dat Ding”
  • Engelbert Humperdinck / Patricia Crowley / Charles Nelson Reilly

    Engelbert Humperdinck, Patricia Crowley, Dom DeLuise and Charles Nelson Reilly.

    Musical numbers:
    Dean Martin: "Walkin' My Baby Back Home
    Patricia Crowley: "Rockin' Ghost"
    Dean Martin & Patricia Crowley: Positive Song Medley: "Ac-Cent-Tchu-Ate the Positive" / "You Mustn't Feel Discouraged" /
    Dean Martin & The Golddiggers: "Hallelujah"
    Engelbert Humperdinck: "My Wife, The Dancer" (featuring Golddigger Wanda Bailey as the dancer)
    Dean Martin & Engelbert Humperdinck: "Crosby, Sinatra & Me"
    Dean & Leo DeLyon: "Blue Skies" (comical rendition)
    Dean Martin: "I Cried For You"
    Dean Martin, Engelbert Humperdinck & Dom DeLuise: "Three Coins In The Fountain" (comic version, w. dancing by Golddigger Wanda Bailey)
    Dean Martin, Engelbert Humperdinck, Patricia Crowley, Dom DeLuise, The Golddiggers: "Everybody's Got A Song" (singing impressions and parodies)
    Dean Martin & the Golddiggers: "Welcome To My World" Medley: "On a Clear Day You Can See Forever" / "It's Been A Blue, Blue Day" / "Look for the Silver Lining"

  • Eva Gabor / Joey Heatherton / Joe Frazier / Norm Crosby / Paul Lynde
    Eva Gabor, Joey Heatherton, Joe Frazier, Norm Crosby and Paul Lynde.
    --Joey Heatherton - "Mad about the Boy” and a medley of Burt Bacharach songs.
    --Dean Martin, Eva Gabor, Joey Heatherton and Paul Lynde - “Wanting You”
    --Eva Gabor - “To Keep My Love Alive”
    --Joe Frazier - “Answer Me”
    --Dean Martin and Joe Frazier - “Makin’ Whoopee”
    --Dean Martin - "Red, Red, Robin” and “Try a Little Tenderness”moreless
  • Dionne Warwick / Marty Feldman / Vince Edwards / Rocky Graziano
    Dionne Warwick, Marty Feldman, Vince Edwards and Rocky Graziano.
    --Dionne Warwick - “Paper Mache”
    --Dean Martin and Dionne Warwick - “Ac-cent-tchu-ate the Positive" and a medley of Love songs.
    --Dean Martin - “Once a Day" and “Tips of My Fingers”
    --Dean Martin and the Golddiggers - "Born Free,” “I Take a Lot of Pride in What I Am" and “Release Me”
    --Rocky Graziano - "Treat Me Rough”moreless
  • Britt Ekland / Godfrey Cambridge / Ruth Buzzi / Dom DeLuise / Charles Nelson Reilly
    Britt Ekland (credited as Britt Eklund), Godfrey Cambridge, Ruth Buzzi, Dom DeLuise and Charles Nelson Reilly.
    --Dean Martin - “Detroit City" and “I’m Confessin’”
    --Dean Martin and the Golddiggers - “More,” “I Will" and “Honey”
    --Dean Martin, Ruth Buzzi, Dom DeLuise, Charles Nelson Reilly and Ken Lane - “Somebody Loves Me”
    --Dean Martin and guests - "A Little Tin Box”moreless
  • Shirley Jones / Peter Falk / Joe Namath / Kenny Rogers & the First Edition

    Peter Falk, Shirley Jones, Joe Namath, Kenny Rogers & the First Edition, and Paul Lynde

    Dean Martin: "Heart Over Mind"
    Shirley Jones: "On the Road"
    Dean Martin & Shirley Jones: "Bidin' My Time"
    Kenny Rogers and The First Edition: "Tell It All, Brother"
    Dean Martin & Kenny Rogers and the First Edition: "Hey, Good Lookin'"
    Dean Martin: "Turn the World Around"
    Dean Martin & The Golddiggers: "Welcome To My World" Medley: "Everything is Beautiful" / "Gentle on My Mind" / "Little Green Apples"

  • Orson Welles / Petula Clark / Joey Bishop / Kay Medford / Laurie Ichino
    6th Season Premiere
    Orson Welles, Petula Clark, Joey Bishop, Kay Medford, Laurie Ichino.
    Petula Clark - “Call Me”
    Dean Martin and Petula Clark - medley of songs about "Happiness"
    Dean Martin - “Way Down Yonder in New Orleans" and “My Woman, My Woman, My Wife”
    Laurie Ichino (teenage singer) and Dean Martin - “I’d Like to Get to Know You”
    Dean Martin and the Golddiggers - "I Will Wait for You,” “Houston" and “By the Time I Get to Phoenix”moreless