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ABC (ended 2010)

To Have and to Hold

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    [1]Feb 5, 2010
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    I like the storylines but the characters are still annoying.

    The good.....

    INS storyline: Oh I liked it. Altho the woman who was pregnant in this storyline was robotic and stiff.

    The sexual harrasment story: I liked it. They got the guy! Altho there was a high five UGH! Well a low five.

    Malcolm's brother storyline:I liked it. Very interesting. Addy and Malcolm are cute together.

    Rowdy: He was so funny!! ROFL ROFL! I want more of that!!! More humor with him and other characters..

    The bad.....

    Liam: I think he is spending to much time with Addy. He is starting to act like a 13 year old! I mean come on!! If he likes Beth tell her! Don't play games! It seems tho he wants her more for sex even tho he says it's more than just that. Yeah right.

    Cliff: His comment to his wife in the beginning of the show was disgusting! What a jerk!!! You cheated on her you jackass!

    I really want to give this show a chance so I hope it gets better!!! Please get better!!!

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