The Deep End

ABC (ended 2010)


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  • Oh, brother.

    The thing about a dramatic comedy is that it should be at least a little dramatic and funny. The Deep End is neither. This show fails from the start, which is a little surprising given that there are a few decent actors.

    Do you enjoy watching high school plays where you suffer through the production but stick with it because your friend is in the cast? Hey, this is the show for you!

    The one overwhelming impression one gets from the show is how it never draws you in, even for a second. You are always aware that it is collection of actors playing silly, predictable roles and their efforts to pump some life into these cardboard figures just comes across as trying too hard. What's the show like? Think lawyer shows. It's LA Law with none of the law, none of the drama, none of the character development. It's Boston Legal without a trace of the humor or the excellent writing. It is, in fact, nothing more than a vehicle for mostly pretty people to dress up in pretty power suits and hang out in pretty locations uttering pretty stupid things. If that's your thing, have at it.
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