The Defenders

Season 1 Episode 2

Las Vegas v. Reid

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Sep 29, 2010 on CBS

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  • Touching episode... Thumbs up for Morelli... Wonderful message.

    In a time where blue chips show disapoint-such as Survivor- The Defenders surprises...The theme of this show, will not the most fortunate, was pretty attracttive...while in the court, Morelli assist to a trial where a mother gets sentanced to 6 months jail, which doesn't make sense... So this guy touched by the fact that the daughter has no place to go while her mother is in prison...He takes it upon himself to defend her and make justice... For me it was great, only a kind hearted person could do that...He does justice for her ...
    while this episode wasn't as funny as the previous I really enjoyed it.
  • Very strong second episode to this season!

    I was worried going into this episode if this show could keep up the pace as it did in the pilot and i was impressed.I loved how they had a case mostly nick's but they had seperate issues for both Nick and Pete. I liked Pete's storyline to save this guy from stealing to bet on a horse race but it not making the main stroyline of the episode. In this episode it really shows that not just Belushi and O'Connell but the whole cat like Laura and Zoey that the chemistry is superb and the story's are fresh and it's not getting complicated. I loved both of the episodes and i would say this is my fave new show of the fall. Let's hope the 3rd episode is just as good as the previous two.
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