The Defenders

Season 1 Episode 3

Nevada v. Carter

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Oct 06, 2010 on CBS

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  • Typical CBS inaccurate show, but pretty good otherwise

    Okay, the whole show tends to consistently not be that realistic legally - it seems to be a CBS trademark - disregard for reality in favor of good showmanship, but this was a particularly egregious violation - the defenders should have moved to dismiss the charges against the kid, you can't convict someone on the basis of a charge unless you have a witness to accuse them. If the witness recants on the stand, it doesn't matter what impeachment evidence you have against the witness, the charge is dismissed. I'm a law student, I've been learning these things. And its complete nonsense that the case could have gone forward on the theory that the witness lied on the stand. Maybe they could later bring charges against the defendant for obstruction of justice - intimidating the witness through his attorney - but there are no charges for armed robbery if there is no one who testifies that they saw it happen. That's how our system works.

    The show has great closing arguments but why can't they get the law right?
  • Another great installment...

    Pretty nice episode...Morelli defends some strippers and Pete defends a guy accused of robbery...Now I gotta say it was annoying the Public Defender scene ,getting that guy 9 years for nothing...Makes you think it can happen to anyone nowadays. Pete does the right thing but somehow goes a bit to far and it might hutr his case, but that's when Moreli steps in...Jim Belushi makes another great scene...I was never a fan of his before this show but this guy just shows his immense skill and experience in acting, you can't avoid liking it, and I am sure I will love the nexr episodes.