The Defenders

Season 1 Episode 1


Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Sep 22, 2010 on CBS

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  • One of the most lovable pilots I've ever seen

    It is very hard to fidn something to hate about this pilot. If you want to label it, it is serious but still funny - Law and Order without the ethics and with humor. Although the no ethics part is a debate, ofcourse. Two Las Vegas lawyers try to help their clients and to my surprise, they have hearts! They really care about the innocence of the people they represent (I would love to see them represent someone who is not only guilty, but unremorseful as well), but do use questionable ways to make sure they get that not guilty-plea.
    Jim Belucci and Jerry O'Connell have a great chemistry together, and they know how to keep the balance between humor and seriousness, between the hard game they play and the softness of the characters. This was ofcourse helped by the hilarious conversation Jim Belucci had with his tv-spouse about her seeing other people.
    I had been afraid, before watching this pilot, that it would be two Vegas lawyers stumbling upon cases that went over their heads, but luckily that isn't it at all. Jim Belucci's character Nicky really "knows his stuff", and knows how to get it across to a jury. That is were the Law&Order-part comes in. Although the acquittal seemed a bit far fetched, it is not impossible, and it was explained how it would work. That is ultimately what people will love about this show, if they keep up this kind of performance. The show is light and playful, but serious and understanding underneath and the two lead characters make it possible and believable. It is fighting against the system, it's being ethical without going the beaten ethical path, and the show knows it's laws very well - those of the state of Nevada, and of tvmaking.
    Definitely one to watch, if you haven't already! I can't wait for the next episode.
  • It looks like a fun show ... but not a contender!

    It was a nice pilot, nothing too good, or too interesting ... but it was fun ... just light amusing fun.
    I liked the cast in general, the chemistry was there, and I think I'm one of the few people who actually like Jim Belushi!
    The plot wasn't something to really talk about, it was predictable, unimaginative and overall below average. And the side stories for the characters were much worse!
    I could cite many details that I found to be a little "blah" ... about the plot, the characters or the dialogue ... but not with this show ... it's not meant to be taken that seriously ... it's a fun, entertaining show for someone who has an hour to kill.
    I like it :)
  • Great Pilot...Belushi's experience is shown here to the fullest.Belushi's outwitting of a Judge, DA shows his character is really good.

    This seems like a great show...I am not normally a fan of this this concept, but seeing the TV shows nowadays lack good comedies, I decided to watch. It's actually quite smart...Nick Morelli character is interesting, built to be unpredictable and James Belushi does wonders. Jerry O'Connell also acts very well and makes it quite funny. These guys are pretty relaxed and they way they do their jobs shows how proper Attourneys should be. The spilling of water over the specialist to prove a point was really well thought and placed to see Morelli's caliber...
    In my opinion, this is the type of show that would be a great addition who just wanna look for something relaxed and not pressured, and for people who don't believe that justice is made in the Courts nowadays.
  • Great, Fun, Lovable Pilot!

    I thought the Defenders pilot was great not the best but pretty close you could see this show has potential. The chemistry was great between Belushi And O'connel. As i am a big belushi fan don't know much about O'Connell. I Think this show will be a great show kinda like Boston Legal. Legal show but with some fun stufff in the show, which i think what the creators were looking for. I think this show has room for improvement but it was a good start and a great pilot to the show. Overall this episode was Great but not Perfect!!!!
  • Wow - jumped shark in less than 10

    Usually, I gripe the most about hand held shaky cam jump cut swoops and zoom editing. But this time, the awful beginning distracted me from paying attention to the bad videography.

    Someone should tell the production company that attention deficit disorder pacing is not entertainment. It was more annoying, in the first ten minutes than any pilot episode of 2010. That's pretty impressive. This show has appeal - as in lacking.

    I am finally tired of lawyer shows that have zero basis in actual law. Boston Legal was obviously science fiction - no one expected reality. But this farce is just plain stoofid. Erase. Unschedule. Ignore.