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  • good show

    i just finished watching the defenders it very good and thank to netflix
  • Great Show

    Watching on Netflixs. Loving it. No commercials, uninterrupted. Did they have a season 2? Hurry please get it to Netflixs. Where is the older version of the Defender. Old movies are nostalgic, can we get Saturday Matinee back? Yes bring this show back. My score a 10. Score button causing interference. Oh by the way did I say great cast. Loving it. Been up 24 hours watching it. Great casting. Kudos to the CSA. Yes you do want to live in Vegas. Watching two-part with Jim Beluschi and Dan Akkroyd. Great combination of course. Instantly reminded me of how great an actor his brother John was. Love the name of the firm as well.
  • please bring this show back

    This was a great show !! why do they always cancel the great ones and keep the crap on?????

  • miss the defenders

    wish this show never went off the air i thought it was a great show....please bring back!!!


    This is a GREAT show. I can't believe CBS dropped it, especially after only one season. BUT, I must say that the cable networks are coming out with some really good shows!

    Can we convince USA, TNT or FX to pick this show up and continue??? It has an excellent cast and excellent storyline (the writers must be really good!) It is well-acted with just the right balance of seriousness and comedy.

    PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, someone pitch this to one of the cable networks. I'd love to see it come back, new episodes, etc.

  • Great show. Great Cast and very entising. Good clean fun. Makes me want to go to vegas and get in trouble.

    I look foward to seeing this show every week. It seems like this cast has a good time. This is a great show. Makes me want to go to Las Vegas and get in trouble. It was a great move for this show to be on Friday. Good way to start the weekend. You would think the two guys on this show pull it off but the whole cast is fun to watch. This is the anchor for the night. Really don't care for anything else that is on Fridays. This is a fantastic show. May it run as long as Friend did. Good Job Jim
  • A cliche of a show, averagely written at best and ultimately pointless and unnecessary.

    Let me get the pet peeves out of the way first.
    I do NOT want ANOTHER jock-type blue-eyed macho lawyer not-a-care-in-the-world banging-stewardesses-at-a-whim flaunting his perfect life in front of me. Enough is enough. Second, the way cases are cracked, with the accidental thought? So "House" I couldn't believe it.
    The plots are lazy, Belushi (who is the best part of the show) is half a step off, while everything is standard law show and everyone is as cliched as can be.
    Long story short: there are two law shows debuting about this time - this and The Whole Truth with Rob Morrow and Maura Tierney, who are a lot more lovable and are working with an angle a lot more original. Therefore, do yourself a favor and chose only one law show - and it should not be the Defenders.
  • With a light mix of feel good drama and character driven humour, a great backdrop (Las Vegas) and a highly likable and competent cast, it is a welcome presence amidst a mostly disappointing slate of new fall shows.

    Thank goodness for this show! most of the shows this fall have been so unappealing. This is just a likeable, solid, fun show with a really good cast and feel-good storylines, and a great setting (Las Vegas) which is almost like another character in the show. Also a good supporting cast. Jerry O'Connel and James Belushi are such enjoyabe and competent actors and along with solid writing they are creating characters that are quirky and special and that IMO overrides the 'unoriginal/unnecessary' etc critique some might raise. And Nicki Morelli (Belushi) in the courtroom is usually good for a chuckle or two.

    I find this season's new shows to be mostly unappealing and so have been hugely missing summer shows like Royal Pains and Burn Notice and Leverage, and I find that this show somehow helps to fill the void. And I have a feeling it will become better and better with time.
  • This show is great.

    I love this show. Jim Belushi and Jerry O'Connell are great together!There has not been an episode that I haven't laughed. They really work well with each other, as if they have been working together for years. The rest of the cast works well too. They all make a wonderful ensemble. They seem to have good chemistry and enjoy working with each other. Its noy your typical court TV show. There is humor, some material even seems to be ad-lib. I really enjoy tuning in on Wednesdays or at least make sure my DVR is set to record. I hope it runs for a while. Keep it up CBS.
  • Great Show Great Cast and Great Cases! A Keeper

    Great Show Great Cast and Great Cases! A Keeper. Cant go wrong with Belushi & O'Connell these guys always bring a lot to any show. Add in Ms. Smollett(sp) and you have a winner. This show gives me a nice cast with a mixture of funny, sexy and hot. Its not your run of the mill Law show, with easy to solve predictable cases. It makes me do some guess work while providing with the flare i lacked since the cancellation of Last Vegas. Give this show a shot. I will continue to watch and i know friends and coworkers who will also.
  • I love James Belushi... The Defenders has a wonderful cast that work amazing together. This show is one of the greats... I look forward to it every week. I hope The Defenders continues to air, and has much success.

    This episode had everything drama, comedy, action... This, like most of the episodes of The Defenders, shows unity, friendship, and a great partnership. What a great episode, I love recognizing the places they go and with guest stars like Frank Sinatra Jr. I think it represents the best of Las Vegas. I like to believe that attorneys like this exist. I've been in a few court rooms and I've never seen the kind of passion shown like it is on this show, but that's why it's so entertaining... It's fantasy with a twist of reality. Great Episode, great cast, totally loved the twist in the end and was glad for the happy ending.
  • Good Show. I was afraid it wwould be just another detective/law show. Light without being shallow.

    Great chemistry in the cast. Good topics so far, not scattered like some shows making it hard to follow characters and story line if you miss anywhere from a few minutes to an episode. Lighter, thankfully, then the headline heavy Law and Order franchise. If CBS cancels this I can see it easily slipping into a USA or TBS or TNT timeslot. It's right there with Psych, Blue Collar, Closer, Rizzoli and Isles, etc. Just hope the network doesn't pull it's usual stunt of bumping another new show all over the programming map so we can't find it! I like that's it's Vegas based but not overwhelmed by the Vegas atmosphere.
  • Brillance! Jim Belushi And Jerry O'Connell were great in This show.

    This show is around Pete Kaczmarek (Jerry O'connel) the ladies man and Nick Morelli (Jim Belushi) who is dedicated to his work. These two lawyers try to solve cases bight in night out. I just think this show will be a hit and one of the best new shows of the fall. This was the show I was looking for with legal and drama but with some comedy and fun, this show reminds me of Boston Legal. I think this show is great I just hope the public agrees with, as it didn't with According to Jim. The pilot got good rating let's just hope it continues. Overall I think the Defenders is a big hit!!!
  • Jim Belushi and Jerry O'Connell are surprisingly watchable as two Las Vegas lawyers who sometimes bet the bank on Red (there is actually one more black slot in roulette, so betting on Black has slightly better odds than 50/50).

    I can't remember what Jerry O'Connell has been in, but he's like a mix of Jason Bateman and a younger Kurt Russell. He is handsome and plays the younger partner, a womanizer. Jim Belushi is the curmudgeon. He has kids and a more settled in life style--but he is not too old to release his inner child--strategically--if it will get him an advantage with the judges who try his cases. Jim will probably always be overshadowed by his brother John, the comedy genius who went out in a blaze of glory during the early years of Saturday Night Live. According to Jim, his sit com that suffered from ill advised casting--namely Jim Belushi--didn't do much to erase that perception. I liked him best in About Last Night where he was Rob Lowe's buddy in a film by David Mamet based on Mamet's play, Sexual Perversity in Chicago. He did pretty good as a boorish buffoon, but you got the impression he might have just been playing himself.

    There was a show called The Defenders a long time ago and I can remember in the opening a really serious voice said: "Democracy is a very bad form of government. But I ask you to remember, that all the others are so much worse." It was a serious show about a father and son team of lawyers who took on controversial cases. It was a serious legal drama. The new The Defenders is not so serious, but a mix of light hearted comedy with a little legal stuff thrown in. It is a good mix.

    Okay, I was kind of watching this in and out style, channel surfing and checking out some other shows. But what I saw, I liked. It is a very good fit for both of the leads. I like Belushi in this. O'Connell seems like an old friend. Well, not that old. The Vegas setting makes for some great sub plots. Everyone kept trying to get tickets for Jr. They were all vying for ring side seats, and it was kind of a running gag. Maybe I missed the part where they said who exactly Jr. was Jr. to, or maybe that was intentional. At the end, Jim and Jerry are watching Frank Sinatra Jr., who makes an appearance singing one of his own songs, not one associated with his father. It is really cool, like the people in Las Vegas are kind of insiders hip to the fact that Frank Sinatra Jr. is a great singer in his own right who could never shake the shadow of his famous father. Kind of reminds you of how Jim Belushi could never get out from behind John's shadow, even though he has been dead a long, long time. On a side note, I just read Bob Dylan's book, Chronicles: Volume One, and he mentions seeing Frank Sinatra Jr. and how much he enjoyed it. The scene of Jim and Jerry watching Jr. sing was a great way to end the premiere of The Defenders.