The Demon Headmaster

BBC (ended 1998)




Episode Guide

  • Season 3
    • The Demon Headmaster Takes Over (Part Six)
      Dinah's mother has had her knowledge removed by Hyperbrain, who has started thinking for herself and acting without instruction. Only Dinah can defeat her and the Demon Headmaster, whilst saving both her Mother and Michael's Father...
    • The Demon Headmaster Takes Over (Part Five)
      The Headmaster tries to track down Dinah, in order to find out information about his past.

      Meanwhile, Hyperbrain creates a hologram to interface with the world. This 'Lady' starts having ideas about world domination herself...
    • The Demon Headmaster Takes Over (Part Four)
      Michael's Father goes missing - unbeknown to him and S.P.L.A.T., his knowledge has been removed by the Headmaster using Hyperbrain, rendering him like a toddler...
    • The Demon Headmaster Takes Over (Part Three)
      Michael's Dad is behaving strangly, and spending a lot more time at work than usual. He keeps talking about the new Director, yet he doesn't seem to know his name.

      Meanwhile, the 'green hand' badges are appearing all over the place. Unbeknown to S.P.L.A.T., these are bugging devices, that allow the Headmaster to know everything that is going on, all of the time, everywhere.moreless
    • The Demon Headmaster Takes Over (Part Two)
      The Hunters are settling into their new home but Harvey is uneasy: he believes he saw the Demon Headmaster.

      Meanwhile, the Headmaster meets Professor Tim Dexter, and hypnotises him. From now on, the Hyperbrain project is firmly in his control...
    • The Demon Headmaster Takes Over (Part One)
      The army come to clear the remains of the Bio-Genetic Research Centre, but in doing to activate the cloning of the Demon Headmaster. He's back, but with no recolection of his previous life, or even his name...

      The Hunters move again, this time to near a university. Dina meets Michael Dexter, son of Professor Tim Dexter, who is working on the 'Hyperbrain' project: the creation of a super-computer, that is to house the entire knowledge-base of mankind.moreless
  • Season 2
  • Season 1