The Detectives

BBC (ended 1997)




Episode Guide

  • Season 5
    • Go West, Old Man
      Go West, Old Man
      Episode 7
      After years of stress due to being responsible for useless bungling detectives, Chief Superintendant Cottam suddenly disappears. Bob and Louis follow his trial all the way to Canada to try and get him to come back to England but will he be easily persuaded?
    • Mine's A Large One
      The head has decided to once again do a job swap scheme. The boys get put on the river police only to find they don't anything they have found their paradise and are about to negotiate a permanent swap, When the boat runs into an unexploded WWII river mine......
    • Best Man
      Best Man
      Episode 5
      Briggs & Louie are invited to a wedding, Only Briggs gets asked to be the best man, he can't figure out why because he barely knows the groom, But as it turns out its due to a case when he was a young bobby and the brides father is not really dead. He's in prison framed for a crime he did not commit.moreless
    • The Curse Of The Comanches
      Briggs & Louie are sent to spend a week in the army, To toughen themselves up, they just blag their way though the whole week much to the supers dis-pleasure
    • The Beast Of Hackney Marshes
      The super is putting on a gala variety night and its all everyone is thinking about, Briggs and Louie are spending more time practicing there 'umbrella' act than policing. The local press are making a big thing of 'The Beast Of Hackney Marshes' rumours say a bear has escaped from London zoo and wanders the Marshes at night. The pair are sent to spend the night on the marshes, there is a bear there but naturally not as you would expect...moreless
    • Cardiac Arrest
      Cardiac Arrest
      Episode 2
      Briggs has a heart attack and Louis is left at loose end. The Super finds him some paperwork to do and he finds an unsloved crime that catches his attention. However higher powers seem intent on trying to stop him solving it.
    • Special Branch
      Special Branch
      Episode 1
      Briggs & Louie are sent to help Special Branch on a case that will put a local bunch of gangster's behind bars. Only they manage to mess it up big style
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