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  • Jasper Carrott and Robert Powell star as "The Detectives" - two completely useless cops who somehow manage to solve the case. George Sewell co-stars as the long-suffering Superintendent Cottam, who wonders how he ended up with them.

    A spin-off from the shorts on Canned Carrot, The Detectives stars Jasper Carrott and Robert Powell as DC Bob Louis and DC Dave Briggs, the two most useless policemen in the history of the police force.

    Each episode sees DC’s Louis and Briggs getting assignments that should be too challenging from them, but they somehow end up solving the case, much to the surprise of their supervising officer, Superintendent Cottam – played by the excellent George Sewell.

    The reason why The Detectives works is not just down to the excellent partnership of Carrott and Powell, but the well-written scripts that they get to work with. Add the excellent guest stars as well, and you have one of the best comedies ever shown in the UK, but it seems to be greatly underrated, which is a shame.

    The first three seasons are currently available on DVD, so now just waiting for four and five to follow suit – buy them today if you haven’t seen it, it’s definitely worth your money.
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