The Devlin Connection

NBC (ended 1982)


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    • Allison
      Season 1 - Episode 11
      Nick is hired by Allison Odell, the secretary of a construction company commissioned to find a man by whom she is constantly threatened and bothered. He feels this man, a junkie who lives in a caravan settlement, is pressing Allison for some reason. Then Nick is pummeled down by two racketeers for no reason at all.moreless
    • Brian and Nick
      Brian and Nick
      Season 1 - Episode 1
      Brian Devlin, a former Military officer, learns that he has a son he never knew about. Feeling remorse, Brian sets out to locate him. He meets the young man, Nick Corsello, and helps him to begin his job as a private eye. Although a little reluctant at first with his long-lost father, Nick comes to respect the veteran investigator and accepts to work together. In this episode, Devlin searches for his son Nick who has been missing for days. He finds him in his beach house. There he has been hiding along with an old man called Norman.moreless
    • Jennifer
      Season 1 - Episode 13
      Nick's help is sought by Hutton, an author whose wife's behavior changes every year on the anniversary of her first husband's death.
    • The Absolute Monarch of Ward C
      The Absolute Monarch of Ward C
      Season 1 - Episode 5
      Nick runs into a mental patient who might be heir to millions of dollars.
    • Erica
      Season 1 - Episode 12
      Brian is called from Europe and receives a shocking news, two of his CIA buddies from the war were done in. Previously they have received a message that read "Martha doesn't forget." Erica Jordan , the daughter of a German who died in the fifties after a top-secret operation is resolved to avenge the death of Martha, her mother. She murdered the two former CIA agents - third on the list is Brian Devlin...The attractive reporter Erica appears in Devlin's office. Yet he has just gone away, his son gets interested. Before long Nick is in love. He does not anticipate that Erica wants to avenge the death of her mother at any price.moreless
    • Lady on the Billboard
      Lady on the Billboard
      Season 1 - Episode 2
      Nick's date with Sylvia, a beautiful fashion model is broken when the model is murdered. Nick was really head over heels for Sylvia Marsh. Nick asks Brian to intervene when he knows that his father knows the model. But the date never materializes because the model is murdered. Father and son come along to find the culprit. The track seems to lead to her ex-husband, Charlie, who is a known drug dealer.moreless
    • Ring of Kings, Ring of Thieves
      Ring of Kings, Ring of Thieves
      Season 1 - Episode 8
      An ancient ring, King Solomon's, brings out a collection of bizarre characters looking to steal it---and one who's willing to kill for it.
    • The Corpse in the Corniche
      The Corpse in the Corniche
      Season 1 - Episode 4
      Nick makes a startling discovery: he finds a corpse in the trunk of Brian's convertible.
    • Love, Sin and Death at Point Dume
      Love, Sin and Death at Point Dume
      Season 1 - Episode 3
      After two single women are killed, and a third gets threatening phone calls Brian and Nick intervene to follow the clues.
    • Of Nuns and Other Black Birds
      Of Nuns and Other Black Birds
      Season 1 - Episode 7
      Brian Devlin attends the funeral of Charles Broderick. Brian is executor of the late man's will. Elizabeth, an apparent heiress, hires Nick to prove she's indeed Charles's real daughter. Apparently the young woman was raised by nuns after his father abandoned her.
    • The French Detective
      The French Detective
      Season 1 - Episode 6
      A French crook hides out in a Napa Valley monastery and deceives Brian with some "authentic" French wine bottles.
    • Claudine
      Season 1 - Episode 10
      Nick investigates the whereabouts of an ingenious gang of thieves. Shortly after Brian is also involved in the case. Nick is glad to provide protection for a lady named Claudine. But things go awry, the lady is in fact a female impersonator and thief. Nick must face a dilemma. The guy is a jewel thief and may help Nick to catch the gang.moreless
    • Arsenic and Old Caviar
      Arsenic and Old Caviar
      Season 1 - Episode 9
      While on a television show, a killer begins poisoning the competing chefs at the Grand Prix de Cuisine. Brian snoops around to track down the killer.