The Dick Cavett Show

Season 5 Episode 134

April 1, 1971

Aired Weekdays 12:00 AM Apr 01, 1971 on ABC

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  • I attended this taping...

    I attended this taping of the Dick Cavett show in NYC on April 1, 1971 during my senior class trip. The TV listings at that time said that Buffalo Bob was scheduled, but he did not appear. But a great lineup of guests did appear: Fats Domino, Phil Silvers and Jack Benny. As occurs with most late night shows today, the show was taped around 5 p.m. for broadcast later that evening. Fats played "Blueberry Hill" and one of his "walkin'" songs, ("Walkin' to New Orleans or "I'm Walkin'" - I can't recall which). Phil Silvers, who played the clarinet beautifully, commented that a clarinet made an interesting sound when played into a trash can. One of the stagehands immediately brought out a shiny new trash can and placed it in front of Phil so he could demonstrate. And Jack Benny, of course, was as witty as ever, even joking with the audience during one commercial break when a makeup person came out to cover up some age spots on the back of his hands. I have seen a clip of a Dick Cavett show from 1973 where Phil and Jack were guests. I also have the Phil Silvers DVD collection which contains what I believe to be a portion of Phil's appearance on this day. But I can't wait for this complete show from April 1, 1971 to be available on video.