The Dick Cavett Show

Season 3 Episode 37

August 19, 1969

Aired Weekdays 12:00 AM Aug 19, 1969 on ABC

Episode Recap

This show differ from the usual Cavett format, in that it's primarily a music program and is recorded 'in the-round' with a young audience, many of who had attended the Woodstock festival. Dick opens the show wearing an exceptionally groovy scarf, which he quickly ditches when he realizes how it looks on camera.

Headline act Jefferson Airplane opens the show, accompanied by very psychedelic graphics onscreen. They join Dick afterwards on ottomans for a brief interview. Grace Slick makes fun of the furniture and rolls her eyes repeatedly at Dick's questions. Unannounced guest Stephen Stills joins the circle and performs "4 + 20".

Dick introduces a performer who skipped Woodstock to perform on this show: Joni Mitchell, who performs "Chelsea Morning", plus two other songs.

The show wraps up with Jefferson Airplane and Stephen Stills performing the hit single "Somebody to Love". The audience members get up and dance as the show ends.