The Dick Tracy Show

(ended 1962)





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  • This cartoon show may be a little dated,but it is still really good,i come from England and cannot get this cartoon show on DVD as it is only available in the US,but i would love to own the DVD can anyone help me?.

    How can this show be considered unpolitically correct?It is only a cartoon for goodness sake!.I use to love watching this show every saturday mornings when i was a kid i was sad when it was taken off TV.It was funny,exciting and had silly cops and villans,but very short.How Dick Tracy managed to get out of the huge traffic jam right at the start of the show without crashing into anyone?It should be shown again after all these years,well worth a watch,corny but good fun!!
  • The lack of much actual Dick Tracy airtime is a point of contention for me. Very racist also. I opine this and more Tracy stuff at

    The racist aspects of this show are enough to turn most viewers off. I can get past this as a product of its time however the formula is repetitive and shows not nearly enough Dick Tracy. It could've been called "The Kojak Show" if you replaced the opener with Telly. (although that was before his time)
    Bottom line: if you want Dick Tracy, watch the old serials, movies, etc. or if you need a cartoon fix, there are better to watch.
    If you must see Dick Tracy on a cartoon, try to track down the version that appeared on the Archie cartoon in the '70's. Warning; it ain't easy!