The Dick Van Dyke Show

Season 4 Episode 30

100 Terrible Hours

Aired Unknown May 05, 1965 on CBS

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  • Tour De Force from Dick Van Dyke!

    **Potential Spoilers Below**

    Dick Van Dyke spoofs all of the emotions a man depraved of sleep would feel, the serious newscaster, the giggy DJ, the emotiona wreck and finally the addled and exhausted babbling idiot!
    His version of a sleepless "drunk" Dj trying to perform ordinary tasks like playing a record or jogging in place are priceless. But his topper is when he finds out about the "poor little kitten" trapped in a tree, sends this episode over the top!
    Of course by this time, lack of sleep has turned him into a big pile of jelly, and he would get overly emotional about the most trivial things! Dick Van Dyke is hilarious as he cries and gives the "little kitty" encouragement and not to be frightened!
    After he breaks the record he has to rush to an interview with his idol, Alan Brady, but has no time to sleep and by this time he is almost catatonic! His pratfalls and "drunken" walk and slouch combined with his goofy stare is wonderful!
    One of the best episodes they made.