The Dick Van Dyke Show

Season 5 Episode 11

Body and Sol

Aired Unknown Nov 24, 1965 on CBS

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  • Rob relates a story to Buddy and Sally about his boxing "career" in the army, when he actually fought and KO'd a now famous boxer.

    We are again treated to another delightful Dick Van Dyke tour de force!
    This episode allows him to do what he does best, physical, facial and slapstick humour!
    As in most of the best Dick Van Dyke Shows, he is funniest in his “Walter Mitty” mode, and this time he is a “champion” boxer, “PitterPatter Petrie”!

    As the camp’s reigning “Special Services” champion, which is a dubious honour due to the dearth of qualified opponents. His list of 3 vanquished foes include a piano player, an Irish tenor and a female impersonator!
    Sol is taunted into a challenge match against the motor pool’s champ, a trained boxer named “Boom Boom Bailey”.

    PitterPatter is goaded into accepting the fight, against Laura’s wishes, to whom he promised he wouldn’t fight anymore.
    All this sets the stage for some of the funniest moments in The Dick Van Dyke Show. Rob gets into all kinds of hilarious trouble with the ropes, the stool, Laura, all the while getting punched silly by Boom Boom. Rob's antics in the ring are priceless!

    A great vehicle for Dick Van Dyke to flex those incredible funny muscles!
    A knockout performance!