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Help locating a clip, please

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    [1]Jan 21, 2008
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    Does anyone know which episode has Rob talking to a doctor/psychiatrist/some mental health person in his living room? I think it's near the end of an episode...the doctor simply let's Rob talk himself through a dilemma.

    Many, many thanks in helping me locate this episode!

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    [2]Jan 26, 2008
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    It sounds like the episode when Laura wants the two of them to get away for the weekend. Rob hurts his back and they can't go. And Jerry being his usual "helpful" self, LOLreminds Rob about a psychology article in the Sunday newspaper that says sometimes people have so called "accidents" to avoid doing things they don't want.

    Rob starts to think that deep down he doesn't want to be alone with Laura and he feels guilty. He goes to see his neighbor who is a psychologist and whO has read the same article. He allows Rob to talk through the whole issue and resolve it for himself. You get the impression that the doctor doesn't have as much faith in the "no accidents" theory as Jerry has. HA HA

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