Interesting Bit of Dialogue Cut by the Censors

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    I have a book about the series and there's a cute bit of dialogue that didn't make it into an episode. They censored it. In the hospital scene when Rob picks up Laura and the baby, he doesn't want her to carry Ritchie. I think he asks her if she is able to do it. Laura's original reply was "I carried him for nine months. I think I can carry him out of the building."

    Can you believe they censored that bit of dialogue? That was hardly offensive. Sometimes sixties TV went too far to censor things.

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    Aw, I can't believe they cut that! That's both cute and clever, and not offensive at all, especially considering some of the crap they allow on TV now-a-days.
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    Yeah I read that too... hard to believe, considering the same episode had other suggestive dialog, like Rob saying that some women have the wrong baby, and Laura answering, "That's a cute trick. How does she manage that?" And in Laura's Little Lie, where Rob and Laura realize they may not be legally married...and their son might be illegitimate. You just didn't hear about that in 1960s sitcoms!

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    There is one bit of dialog that made it into an episode that I am always amazed didn't get cut. Maybe because Rob doesn't really finish the line completely. In the episode, "Curse of the Petrie People", when Rob is giving Laura what-for about her accidentally dropping the Petrie Brooch into the garbage disposal, he says:

    "When a woman takes a man's family jewels and...."

    Then he makes a grinding noise while gesticulating with his hands as if she pushed the brooch deeper.

    Now THAT line is amazing considering how prudish they were back then. Rob and Laura had to sleep in separate beds and you never saw them laying down together either. If Rob or Laura was on either bed, they had to keep one foot on the floor!
    And they were supposed to be married for crying out loud!

    Funny though how that line made it through.
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