The Dick Van Dyke Show

Season 2 Episode 5

Hustling the Hustler

Aired Unknown Oct 24, 1962 on CBS

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  • A clever plot on one of the best comedy shows ever.

    I love this show because the actors actually laugh when someone says something funny, and I love that. If shows (that aren't sci-fi) are supposed to be like reality, then the actors should laugh because people in real life laugh all the time! There was one scene in this episode where the actor who plays Blackie had to repeat one of his lines because he started laughing because the audience starting laughing, and that was just great. Favorite part: I loved when Rob took all of the darts and threw them at the dart board at the same time, and completely missed. People do stupid stuff when they are bored, but this was semi-stupid and mostly funny. There were a lot of great one-liners in this episode too, and I liked that Buddy was involved in a lot of it because he is a great character.

    Plus Mary Tyler Moore made the last shot in one take, even though there was someone else hired to do it for her!
  • Classic formula takes a familiar story and makes it great.

    Buddy's brother, a pool hustler, arrives and Buddy suspects the worst.

    Unseen brothers in sitcoms always mean trouble, animosity, and jealousy. And this installment doesn't vary from that form but puts a great spin on it with sharp dialog. A funny episode all-around, great joke sessions and an "insult can" for Buddy to put quarters into anytime he makes fun of Mel. Buddy's brother Blackie arrives from South America where he is supposedly involved in land speculation and Buddy gives him the brush off as a con man and a hustler.

    Blackie does appear to be what Buddy believes him to be as he wheedles an invitation into Rob's home and his basement with a pool table. But the tables are turned after Buddy shows up. His brother tears up his winnings and reveals that he has gone straight and married a wealthy widow from Rio. A good change-up in the viewer expectations of the installment.

    Laura doesn't have a lot of lines and is known to fans of this episode for making a billiards trick shot at the conclusion, but she actually has some very subtle lines that reveal that she controls the household far more than Rob understands.

    A very good episode.