The Dick Van Dyke Show

Season 5 Episode 30

Long Night's Journey into Day

Aired Unknown May 11, 1966 on CBS

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  • Rob and Jerrie go on a trip, leaving Laura at home alone. She thinks she hears weird noises and is too afraid to be alone, so she calls Millie to come over and stay. They even build a wall of cans behind the front door in case someone comes in. Wonderful!

    This episode is absolutely hilarious! I remember this episode more clearly than any other. When Laura built the wall of cans behind the front door as a way of alerting her when someone comes in the house nearly knocked me in the floor! Then put Millie in the mix of all things and well, let's just say you might want to have a breathing machine close to you, because you'll need it! Absolutely classic, absolutely hilarious! Don't miss this episode!
  • Rob, Jerry, Millie and the kids all go on a fishing trip. Laura is stuck at home with a cold and can't go. Laura gets nervous being alone, until Millie returns unexpectedly. Their imaginations get the better of them and every creak or groan is an intru

    This is yet another showcase for Mary Tyler Moore, but also a rare showcase for Ann Morgan Guilbert (Millie). Both actresses are wonderful as the freaked out housewives home alone. Every noise they hear only fuels their paranoia. Of course this was the time of those scary movies like "Pycho" and the Boston Strangler was still fresh in everyones mind!
    They use every trick in the book, food cans stacked in front of doors, screaming alarm pens, and Jerry's Myna bird who unfortunately can only say, "Don't be nervous, don't be nervous!" !
    In an attempt to drown out the noises, they turn on every light in the house, along with the radio and the TV. It gets so bad they can’t even hear each other and have to yell to be heard! This whole scene is hilarious.
    Of course when they blow the fuses and cause a blackout, the ladies are beside themselves with panic and attempt to escape through the garage.
    Trapped, they hear Rob who’s come home early, and sends them into a frenzy. Rob gets closer and closer to the garage only to be hit on the head by Millie with a large metal plate.
    This episode is one of the best of many great episodes.