The Dick Van Dyke Show

Season 4 Episode 27

Never Bathe on Saturday

Aired Unknown Mar 31, 1965 on CBS

Episode Recap

Laura and arrive home from their vacation early they have just returned from hospital where Laura needed a faucet removed from her foot. The flashback to this episode starts with Rob and Laura arriving at the hotel and getting ready for the play.

Laura requests that Rob dress up like David Niven complete with an ascot. Laura suggests for dinner they have champagne and caviar.

Laura if she can soak in the bathtub before the play starts Rob tells her she has just enough time to get her toes pruney.

Laura gets ready to soak in the bathtub by locking the door. Laura begins playing with a drip causing her toe to get stuck in the faucet! Rob continues to make the evening romantic by trying to look like David Niven. Rob doesn't notice the maid coming in with towels. The maid carefully watches Rob put on his mustache and carefully tells himto put some more on the other side of his lip.

The Bell Boy brings Rob a basket of fruit. The Bell Boy is a little concerned because he was quite sure when he brought Rob and Laura to the room before he didn't have a mustache on. The Bell Boy reveals that he is studying to be a house Detective.

Laura calls from the bathroom to ask Rob to come in and for a few minutes. When Rob walks to the door he finds out the door is locked and playfully calls his wife a romantic name Rob then tell Laura she can't toy with him. Rob then wonders why she can't come out of the bathroom she then tells him she's stuck in the bathtub. Rob wonders how his wife could possibly get stuck in the bathtub.

Laura and tells Rob her big toe is stuck in the bathtub and that she's very uncomfortable. Rob decides to call somebody to help get his wife out of the tub. Rob then calls the housekeeper to have them send a key to unlock the door.

Desperately wondering if they will be will to go the play Laura asks what time it is and is told it is 20 minutes to eight. Laura explains that her foot is stuck in a faucet. Laura explains to Rob that the faucet is where the water comes out.

Finally the maid arrives with the key that unfortunately doesn't work even though the stupid maid as Laura refers to her insects that the key is the right one. The maid suggests that Laura try jiggling of the doorknob there's one problem she can't reach it!

Rob tells the maid to keep jiggling key he calls somebody to hopefully get a different key. As the maid is jiggling key inside the door Laura has no idea that Rob is calling someone else. She thinks the maid has key upside down in the lock.

As Rob calls someone he finds out that other people are stuck in the elevator causing Rob to make a bet with the person on the other end as to which matter is worse his wife stuck in the bathtub or people stuck in an elevator.

Rob tells the maid to go turn down the beds she mutters to herself that Laura and Rob are great couple not really. Rob tells Laura that the engineer won't be able to unlock the bathroom door because their people stuck in an elevator.

Rob asks Laura how she feels she tells them she feels waterlogged. Rob then tells Laura and that the only way to get her out is to bust down the door which the maid reminds him that if he does he will be charged for it.

Laura being the ever concerned wife is worried that if Rob busts down the door he will hurt himself. Just as Rob is about to bust the door down Laura warns them that there is a full length mirror on the back of the bathroom door. Rob wonders if she finally got her foot out from the bathtub.

Rob tells Laura that there is a technique to these things if you hit it just right. To make sure Laura is protected from possible flying glass Rob tells her to put a bath mat to protect her upper half so she won't get hurt.

Laura misunderstands and thinks he means to put the bath mat on top of her head and put her head down in the water or she will drown. Rob takes his first practice shot at knocking the bathroom door open Laura wonders if he's hit it yet.

Rob takes a shot at breaking the door open but breaks the full-length mirror off the door! Rob says he will try to bring down the door again but Laura warns that if he does it this time he will probably end up hurting himself.

A few minutes later the House Detective and police arrest Rob for possibly hurting Laura. The bellboy and the House Detective arrive at room suite 17 C to find Rob getting ready to break down the door again and Laura telling him not to.

The house Detective tells Laura not to come out not knowing that that she actually can't come out all. The House Detective wonders what happened Rob ktells the House Detective that he tied Laura up. Rob is then told to lie down on the floor. Laura wonders what's going on and outside and is told craziness is going on outside.

Rob is given the gun to literally shoot lock off after that is done he invites the police and the House Detective to see something really funny.

A 75 year-old man is finally found to saw the faucet from the bathtub so Laura and Rob can go to the play but Rob wonders if Laura can sit in the theater with a faucet still on her front for three hours. Rob and Laura arrive at the theater and run into their church congregation. Rob and Laura decide to leave the theater because Rob can't seem to figure out how high it is mustache.

Millie wonders how Rob finally got his mustache off. Rob tells her he didn't he takes out a napkin that was stuck in his coat pocket and dabs his lips with the laundry marker he used to put on a mustache. Rob didn't think of makeup for a long while to hide the mustache.