The Dick Van Dyke Show

Season 4 Episode 27

Never Bathe on Saturday

Aired Unknown Mar 31, 1965 on CBS

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  • What a delightfully silly and nutty episode!

    How does one describe this kind of episode? A woman gets her toe stuck in a bathtub fixture, her husband, while trying to break down the door is wearing a drawn on mustache and is stopped by the hotel’s house detective and bellboy by gunpoint!
    Zany and hilarious as Dick Van Dyke once again makes it obvious as to why this tv show is so loved! He has a certain charm and likablility and has such a fabulous sense of comedy that even the most subtle things he does on the screen are absolutely hysterical!
    The whole door breaking scene is an absolute giggler! And of course the whole premise is so silly it makes it funny as hell.
    The other thing about this episode, and the thing that permeates the whole series is how MTM and DVD and the writers convey how much the Petrie’s are in love with each other. In this day and age of reality tv, judgeTV and a lot of ugly and mean shows to choose from, this aspect of The Dick Van Dyke Show is ironically refreshing today. They act like a couple of newlyweds, not a couple that have been married for years and have a young son.
    Once again, the actors and writers team up to knock another episode out of the park.