The Dick Van Dyke Show

Season 5 Episode 5

No Rice at My Wedding

Aired Unknown Oct 13, 1965 on CBS

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  • Rob recalls how he almost lost Laura to a good looking soldier back at Camp Crowder. And how hilariously jealous he got!

    Dick Van Dyke is brilliant as the jealous Rob in this hilarious flashback episode.
    He is wonderful as he reluctantly allows Laura, at this time his fiancé, to remain entered in the "Bivouac Baby" contest in which a lucky guy wins a date with Laura. It drives Rob crazy and when he sees who wins, it drives him insane with jealousy. Clark Rice is a good looking guy. Rob is in a panic, and is scared he might loose Laura to Rice.
    Rob is, as Laura describes him, cute when he gets jealous. He puts silly ultimatums on Laura, like if “she’s not back by the time the second reel is on, she can forget about him” (Rob is the projectionist at the base PX)
    He mopes around in the rain, looking like a wet cat, looking in Laura’s window, pointing at his watch. After all the shenanigans, Laura does realize that she loves Rob and not Clark Rice, because as Laura says, “He’s adorable”
    This is a great flashback to the Petrie’s early relationship, and it is a funny slice of their early days. It is warm and funny and again, shows us why the series is so endearing. It’s very nice to see two characters so in love, and so suited to each other. It gives you a nice “warm and fuzzy” feeling.
    Nothing wrong with that.