The Dick Van Dyke Show

Season 1 Episode 6

Oh How We Met the Night That We Danced

Aired Unknown Oct 31, 1961 on CBS

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  • Rob gets smitten with a feisty USO dancer...

    Every couple has a "how we met" story, and the one Carl Reiner dreamed up for Rob and Laura is a delight. He doesn't throw the couple on an easy road to love, and it's great to see Rob's every effort to sweep Laura off her feet meet with the opposite result, ultimately ending in her stomping her feet and breaking her toes.

    But it is a sweet story, after all. There's some great physical comedy from Dick Van Dyke and (until the broken toes anyway!) the soft-shoe routine with Rob and Laura singing "You Wonderful You" really is well done.

    Plus, they get another aspect of domestic life exactly right - attempts to "get rid of old junk" usually result in reminiscing instead of cleaning!