The Dick Van Dyke Show

CBS (ended 1966)





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  • The comings and goings of Robert Petrie, a comedy writer for the Alan Brady Show.

    This show always comes to mind when I think of the word television. This is the epitome of the institution of televison.

    Robert Petrie works for Alan Brady, an almost tyrannical variety show host, and along with Buddy Sorrell and Sally Rogers his two co-workers, get into an number of predicments each week.

    The interaction between the comedy writers is top rate and you get the feeling that they have been and will continue to be friends for a very long time. Mel Cooley adds to the office banter, the abuse of Buddy to Mel\\\'s bald head, one of the funniest ever to be seen anywhere.

    Laura Petrie is an understanding wife, always ready to help Rob in his career, but also has a mind of her own and isn\\\'t afraid to used it.

    This show was ahead of it\\\'s time in many respects, discussing issues such as religion and bigotry, but always with a sense of humor.