The Dick Van Dyke Show

CBS (ended 1966)





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  • The Mother of All Comedies

    For me the Dick Van Dyke Show is when comedy truly was King. The writing, directing and acting were all of the highest caliber. This show used words in ways we had not heard of until then. It examined social issues of the time on some shows (and these were really classic episodes--That's My Boy? being one that stands out). Mostly though it was about the simple ordinary things all humans encounter. A wife's need to open the mail, an allergy to a pillow, a need to explain sex to a child. The comedic genius of Dick Van Dyke, coupled with the writing of Carl Reiner created a human being we all felt we knew. The most endearing quality of this show is the humble manner in which it portrayed its leading character, the love and romance that was between the Laura and Rob. This show remained its very personal touch, while still creating glamour and sophistication. Even if Laura wasn't like us, she was someone we so wanted to be, with her makeup on and dinner set every night to eat with her husband (and the child somewhere lost in his room). Rob, despite being so attractive and successful, really did "trip over that mountain" and anything else he could find. That's why we loved him--he never took himself that seriously.
    It has stood the test of time and remains for me, a perennial and eternal statement of simple and yet complex human emotions. There are very few episodes that are below par, and even right up to the end, the show was perfection personified. There are few shows you can watch that promise laughter and deliver it time and again.