The Dick Van Dyke Show

Season 1 Episode 12

Sally Is a Girl

Aired Unknown Dec 19, 1961 on CBS

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  • But DVD and company keep it humming along.

    I'm not a fan of the episodes of "Dick Van Dyke that deal with Sally's quest for a husband. Rose Marie is hilarious on the show, and I feel like boxing Sally in to the "lonely heart" character does her a disservice. In that vein, we have "Sally is a Girl," where Laura gets upset at the way Rob and Buddy treat Sally as if she were in the boy's club.

    A plot like this probably wouldn't be done on a sitcom today, and the whole idea of it (Sally needs to be constantly flattered to feel good) is borderline offensive. But what saves the show is Dick Van Dyke's terrific sense of timing and physical comedy as he races back and forth across a room to hold a chair, light a cigarette, take a coat, etc.

    Plus, Morey Amsterdam and Richard Deacon have some great scenes in this one, as they suspect Rob and Sally are having an affair. The chemistry and insult matches between these two are classic, and it's great to see them try to suspend the name-calling during their "truce."