The Dick Van Dyke Show - Season 1

CBS (ended 1966)




Episode Guide

  • 7/19/60
    Rob tries to tell his son that comedy writing can be fun and he shouldn't feel bad about telling his friends.
  • 10/3/61
    Rob Talks Laura into going to a party at Alan Brady's penthouse even though she'd rather stay home and look after their ailing five-year-old. Her "woman's intuition" warns her that something terrible will happen if she leaves their son in the care of a babysitter.
  • The Meershatz Pipe
    Episode 2
    Rob gets upset because Alan gave Buddy gifts, Rob tries to add to the end of the script. Buddy doesn't like it, So Rob goes home and soon gets tired, which leads him to be sick. Rob goes to the office to try and help finish the script.
  • Jealousy!
    Episode 3
    Laura becomes jealous when Rob spends his evenings working with a gorgeous star, while Rob has his hands full with the demanding and volatile diva.
  • 10/17/61
    Laura tries to get pharmacist Thomas (her cousin) and Sally together. When Sally arrives, Thomas doesn't get to say much, but Thomas likes Sally anyway!
  • 10/24/61
    Rob must decide whether to take a business trip to Washington or see his son perform in a school play.
  • Rob and Laura sort through Rob's old Army gear and reminisce about thow Rob broke Laura's foot on the day they met.
  • 11/21/61
    Without checking first with Laura, Rob has agreed to take care of Buddy's dog, Larry, during the long weekend. This causes discord in the family because Laura and Richie were hoping to go away and stay in a motel for the weekend. It doesn't help matters for Rob that Richie is terrified of the dog.moreless
  • Rob is cornered into inviting an old army pal home to dinner. Problem is that Rob doesn't recognize him and comes to suspect that he might be a jewel thief.
  • 10/10/61
    Fearing she is becoming old and uninteresting, Laura dyes her hair blonde to rekindle Rob's romantic interest.
  • Forty-Four Tickets
    Episode 10
    To his horror, Rob forgot to order the Allan Brady Show tickets for the PTA and has 2 days to come up with 44 tickets!!
  • 11/14/61
    Rob is concerned when Laura returns to her dancing career and the Petrie household is thrown into disorder.
  • Sally Is a Girl
    Episode 12
    Rob takes Laura's advice when Laura shows Rob how to treat Sally like a lady after seeing her treated like a guy. Laura doesn't realize what trouble she causes! Rob hopes Laura's plan to get Sally a man works. Buddy & Mel talk about Sally & Rob going out to lunch leaving Buddy and Mel to believe Rob could be dating Sally behind Laura's back!moreless
  • 12/12/61
    Mel's cousin Maxwell sells Rob an ugly necklace as a gift for Laura, much to her horror as she must wear it, unable to tell Rob how much she hates it.
  • 12/26/61
    In order to get a head-writting job elsewhere, Buddy has to get out of his contract. With the help of Rob and Mel he does, with unforseen results!
  • Who Owes Who What?
    Episode 15
    Laura wants Rob to ask Buddy to pay back an old $25 loan. Rob is embarrassed to bring up the subject directly and uses various ploys to "remind" Buddy about the debt.
  • Sol and the Sponsor
    Episode 16
    Rob is having dinner with Mr. Bermont there is a problem Sol Pomeroy shows up unannounced Rob tries to tell Sol that the dinner for four people (Sol invites more people to even up the dinner party instead of leaving) Rob finds his boss rather odd because he doesn't eat before a meal or drink. Sol calls Rob's boss a sucker, Laura and has to figure out how to feed six people, Mr. Bermont comes in hurt after hitting his head on the car.moreless
  • 1/10/62
    Laura thinks an episode of The Alan Brady show was written about her. Rob teaches her a lesson.
  • Punch Thy Neighbor
    Episode 18
    Laura Millie and Jerry are watching the latest episode of The Alan Brady Show, Jerry tells everybody including the police officer who comes by to ask for tickets that show was bad. Rob takes Millie's advice (after Rob asks if everybody wants more coffee & Millie tries to Jerry to stop joking) pours hot coffee on Jerry's pants! Ritchie comes home and says Jerry got punched in the nose by Rob. Rob later tells Laura that he didn't punch Jerry in the nose. He later hears a waitress say she liked the show. Jerry tells everybody at the restaurant the show was bad (forcing Rob to hit Laura in the nose (with a fingernail!)moreless
  • 1/3/62
    Ritchie asks the age old question Where Do I Come From? Rob and Laura tell the story.
  • 1/31/62
    The Alan Brady Show announces the "Talented Child Contest" and parents with "talented" kids come out of the woodwork!
  • A Word a Day
    Episode 21
    Rob and Laura find Ritchie eating breakfast and reading the paper! Rob is happy his son can read, which gives Rob an idea to test Ritchie's IQ (how smart he is) Laura calls Rob to say she heard Ritchie say a bad word. Rob wants to talk to his son about saying bad word. Ritchie has trouble understanding the difference so he goes and brings his little blackboard out with the word in question, Rob then asks Ritchie not to say the word. Sally and Buddy are working on a joke but all Rob can think of is the dirty word Ritchie said. Rob calls the Kirks to complain about the words Tommy (their son) uses. When the Kirks come over Rob and Laura learn that Mr. Kirk is a Minster!moreless
  • 2/14/62
    Rob discovers that Buddy has been sleeping in the office while Pickles is out of town and insists he stay with him and Laura. Will they remain friends?
  • Father of the Week
    Episode 23
    Rob is Father of The Week Ritchie doesn't want his dad there, because Rob won't be able to show anything on how to write comedy. Rob think he will get an award, but he has to speak to kids for 30 minutes. Rob finds that explaining comedy to little kids is going to be hard! Mrs. Given doesn't makes things easier when she keeps talking about a parent (who was a jet airline pilot) Rob tries to answer why people are made to laugh, He does movements to have the kids figure out what he doing.moreless
  • The Twizzle
    Episode 24
    Rob & Laura find Sally at the door to introduce them to Randy Twizzle (Sally found him at the bowling alley.) They learn how to Twizzle at the bowling alley along with the staff of the show! Mel tells Randy he can do the dance on the show! Laura sets the table but can't stop doing the Twizzle. Sally and Buddy have dinner with Rob and learn that Randy may not do the show because an agent talked to him but Randy's dad wants Randy to do something like a song along with the Twizzle. Randy was worried he worried that he worried that he would be known for the Twizzle.moreless
  • One Angry Man
    Episode 25
    Rob has to serve on a jury in a case involving a very attractive blond woman who is accused of larceny. Rob is very smitten with the woman; but also believes her to be innocent. Laura is upset at Rob because he is attracted to another woman. Rob convinces his other jurors that she is innocent.moreless
  • 3/14/62
    Rob and Laura take Ritchie off to bed for asking Sally if should every marry. Rob, Buddy, and Laura don't want Sally to be alone on her birthday. Mel tell Sally a man dropped by but doesn't leave note or phone number. Laura calls Sally to see how she is, and gets a visit from Leo Fassbinder. Leo tells Sally her name was on his list to talk about getting insurance. Sally wants to be by herself. Leo comes back to clear things up.moreless
  • 3/21/62
    Rob's brother Stacey Petrie arrives at the house, Rob wants Stacey to stay in a hotel because of a secret Rob's brother is a sleep walker ( which means that he can only do things when he is asleep) He may have trouble finding a job after leaving the Army. Mel & Sally meet Stacey (sleep of course) He later lands a job on The Alan Brady Show!moreless
  • 3/28/62
    Rob tells Jerry that Stacey sleep walks, there is one problem Stacey needs to be awake to audition for Alan Brady. Rob plans a party for Stacey to see if he will make it on the show. Will Alan be there? Mel is asked to go to Rob's house but Alan will need to give up his poker game.moreless
  • The Bad Old Days
    Episode 29
    Buddy believes the American male is on the decline (thanks to an article he read) and feels the days when woman were told by men exactly what to do. Rob is then told bring in the laundry and check on Ritchie. Rob has dream that Ritchie works at the factory and Laura is the washer woman. Rob is very happy to things for Laura.moreless
  • 4/18/62
    Laura meets Happy Spangler who guesses who she is married to. Rob got his first job from Happy. Rob offers Happy a job to help Buddy and Sally write the show but doesn't feel he can do it. The gang quickly gets tired of Happy. Rob has to let him go because Happy can't come up with a joke.moreless