The Dick Van Dyke Show

Season 2 Episode 14

Somebody Has to Play Cleopatra

Aired Unknown Dec 26, 1962 on CBS

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  • Rob and Laura recall last year's neighborhood talent show, where colorful characters and petty jealousies turn the rehearsal into a hilarious evening. Singing, drumming, acting-- everything you could want.

    This fresh, original show is exactly why I loved The Dick Van Dyke Show. Set in Rob and Laura\'s home, Rob worries that he\'s about to be asked to direct and produce another neighborhood talent show, prompting memories of last year\'s event. With guest star young Bob Crane (later of Hogan\'s Heroes fame) showing an early flair for comedic timing as \"Hang Lip Harry\" Rogers, who can\'t seem to get his lines right (\"Ah, Cleopatra, my enchanted. At last, I have arromed from Rive!\"), casting the Egyptian queen progresses from Millie, to Laura, to the kindergarten teacher Miss Harding, as Jerry and Rob each get jealous of Harry kissing their wives as part of the act. Crane\'s departure to the off-screen screeches of his wife, actress Shirley Mitchell, with the excuse that \"one of the kids is sick,\" is met with the applause it deserves. Fantastic acting, the beginning of a wonderful, tragically short-lived career for Crane.
    Other highlights in this episode are Mary Tyler Moore singing to a Calypso number (\"True Man True\") and Jerry Paris as the jealous husband. Dick Van Dyke carries the show through with his trademark deadpan faces, brilliant work all around.
    If you have to see one episode that shows the brilliance of madness in the Petrie household, this is it!