The Dick Van Dyke Show

Season 2 Episode 3

The Attempted Marriage

Aired Unknown Oct 10, 1962 on CBS

Episode Recap

Rob wants extra time to sleep late because it's his day off Ritchie brings a tray with an inscription on it. Laura tries to stop Ritchie for waking his father but is unsuccessful at. Rob is upset because he won't get to sleep until least one 9:00 o'clock.

The inscription on the tray says to St. Petrie good luck and happiness on your marriage. To Laura: In case he backs out again he can marry us. Company E. Camp Crowder MO.

After an inscription is read Ritchie tells his father that he found the tray in the basement.

Ritchie wonders if Rob almost didn't marry is mommy. Rob tells Ritchie that he had little trouble getting to the chapel. Laura agrees to make Rob breakfast in bed only if he waits to tell the story until Laura returns to hear his version of events.

Ritchie wonders if it was easy for Rob to ask Laura to marry him. Rob tells Ritchie that he asked Laura straight out. Only he lied a little bit he actually had a lot of trouble popping the question to Laura.

As they sit in a jeep glass asks Rob why he stopped the jeep. He goes on to tell her that he's cold and that it is a male trait in his family because he's about to propose marriage.

Laura tells Rob that all the female members of her family shiver when they except marriage proposals. Laura and then asks Rob when he would like to get married they nervously agree to get married on Sunday. Rob seems shocked at the date they picked because he hadn't thought that they would get married that fast.

As the next Sunday at approaches Laura is at the chapel with Rob's bodies her family all except Rob. Rob is sitting in the jeep by himself what if you really should go through with it. When he finally realizes he's late to the wedding he tries to put keys in the jeep to get started.

He realizes the jeep won't start. He tries to put water in the jeep to see if that will help get it started. As he looks inside the tank he drops his keys in the hole.

After the car doesn't start Rob realizes that he's gonna have to figure away to hurry and get to his own wedding. He decides to cut across the shooting range. In the meantime he falls and hurts himself forcing him to literally hop all the way to the chapel.

He finally gets there only to find that everyone has already left! He then takes a nap. A very angry Laura arrives to the chapel. Rob desperately tries to explain the situation. Laura would rather run away from him and hear the story. She tells Rob to tell the story fast because the train leaves in an hour.

Laura is finally ready Rob's story. Rob tells Laura that he drove to there spot and had a nice long talk with himself about whether he should get married to her. He comes up with 10 reasons why he should and 10 reasons why he shouldn't. He tells her the one reason he couldn't knock down and that was that he loved her.

Laura then wonders how he even got to this church if the jeep broke down. He tells her he had to hop to the church for 2 1/2 hours just to get there.

They finally agree to get married next Sunday only with more trouble to follow. We now find Rob in the hospital with a cold and he can't hear anything because of his cold. Laura tells Ritchie she thought Rob might have missed out on the wedding again because he became sick.

Rob is desperately trying to tell the doctor that he needs to get to the chapel to get married but the doctor tells him he might have to wait another week. Rob tries to call Laura on the telephone but is unable to tell there is no dial tone. As Rob prepares to leave the hospital he continues his telephone conversation while trying to figure out how to get out of the hospital.

Rob finds a way out of the hospital by climbing out of the window that opens the wrong way. (The window opens up from the top instead of the bottom.

Rob finally arrives at the church. But his only problem is he can't hear the Chaplain asking the questions. Rob answers the questions all wrong only to still be the single. He finally realizes that he didn't kiss Laura.

Ritchie tells his parents that he thinks getting married at the camp hospital is a rather silly place. Ritchie is lab that its parent got married because he wouldn't have to miss his favorite television programs.

Rob shows Ritchie film of when he and Laura got married explains who everyone is in hospital and why they have to wear masks.

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