The Dick Van Dyke Show

Season 4 Episode 21

The Case of the Pillow

Aired Unknown Feb 17, 1965 on CBS

Episode Recap

We begin the episode in the courtroom where the judge is busy trying to get a man who sold another customer 34 ft. of pipe to give him the other 6-ft. of it but would instead rather have the money than the pipe.

Rob and Laura anxiously await their case to be heard by the Judge. Rob gets nervous while waiting for Mr. Wiley the man who sold him the down pillows. Rob wants the facts of the case to prove Mr. Wiley wrong and Rob wants the facts to prove him right. The judge asks if both principals are present Rob and Mr. Wiley stand before the judge. Rob has made a very serious mistake of deciding to represent himself in court. He tells the judge he hasn't gotten a lawyer and he hopes that pleases the court. The judge tells Rob that he doesn't need a lawyer only the defendant needs a lawyer. Rob then requests that announcement be struck from the record. Rob begins to tell the judge the facts of the case.

Rob begins to irritate the judge by telling him that he will be as brief as possible at all times and starts to give his opening statement in not knowing that the judge has already read his complaint and that an opening statement isn't necessary. Rob begins to tell the facts of the case and sneak in his opening statement. Rob says that the trouble with Mr. Wiley began about two months ago when Laura brought four pillows which Rob refers to as exhibits A-D. The judge wants Rob to keep the facts when simple and not use all legal terms. Rob feels more comfortable speaking in court he begins to tell a story about the day that Laura brought the pillows. That same night Rob and Laura tryout the pillows and discover they have a funny smell. Rob and Laura can exactly figure out why the pillows smell like chickens. Rob decides to get a little personal and tell everyone the position of Rob's wife likes to sleep in. Rob continues to give the relevant facts about the case this drives the judge crazy. The judge asks Mr. Wiley to comment on the story thus far. Mr. Wiley tells the judge he was unaware that the pillows smell like chickens. Rob calls his wife to the stand but doesn't realize that in small claims court there is no witness stand. Rob asks Laura to give her version of events to see if they can get the story straight. Rob continues to drive the judge crazy by telling Laura she is still under oath and to tell what happened that day she brought the pillows. Laura tells the court that she complained of how the pillows smelled and that Mr. Wiley would gladly come over and test the pillows to be sure the complaint was accurate. Laura is sure that her nose was accurate as was Rob's.

Mr. Wiley comes over and tests pillows and doesn't smell anything Rob wonders if he has a cold or hay fever. Rob gives Mr. Wiley instructions on how to smell the pillows to see if he can catch the smell of the chickens. Mr. Wiley 's wife comes to the same conclusion making Rob wonder if he's being conned into thinking the pillows to smell like chickens.

Mr. Wiley let's the Petrie's keep the pillows to see if they still have the same problem. Laura tells Mr. Wiley that if pillows still have the same problem they will borrow some pillows.

The judge asks Rob what made him suspicious of Mr. Wiley. What made Rob suspicious of Mr. Wiley was the fact that he sold the pillows out of his car. The Petries tried to contact Mr. Wiley for several days but he wasn't home. Rob tells the judge that they aired the pillows out for several days but they still smell like chickens. Finally one night Rob and Laura invite their neighbors Millie and Jerry to play a game but as they decide what the game they're going to play Mr. Wiley finally calls. This leaves their company guessing what the problem could possibly be. Rob gives Buddy a pillow to smell and is then told to whisper to Rob what he thinks the pillows smell like. Buddy would rather wait and see what everyone else thinks Laura comes back with four pillows and hands them out to everybody. Everybody takes a turn smelling the pillows. Jerry whispers to Rob what he thinks they smell like he whispers chickens. Rob tells the judge he is prepared to present exhibits f through h! Making the judge wonder if this case will ever end!

Rob tells the judge that while he was waiting for the case to go before the judge the pillows stops smelling! Rob next presents the statement from his friends that the pillows either smelled like ducks or chickens. Rob also presents exhibits next in order. He presents a document that the pillows were checked for duck and chicken feathers. To further prove his point Rob literally brings the pillow up on the judge's desk and slams his fist on it causing the judge to sneeze again because he is allergic to the feathers. The judge later declares he should've been a doctor. Rob and Laura eventually win the case by making Mr. Wiley pay for the damages.
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