The Dick Van Dyke Show

Season 5 Episode 18

The Curse of the Petrie People

Aired Unknown Feb 02, 1966 on CBS

Episode Recap

Laura and Rob are supposed to have a surprise party what they have no idea why they're supposed to have the party. Rob's parents have something in mind that Laura and Rob would never suspect. The Petries are going to Welcome Laura it into the family me in a rather unique way. Rob's mother will give Laura a brooch. The brooch is its shape of the United States the brooch indicates where each Petrie was born.

Laura isn't exactly had proud to wear the brooch. Sam makes the big mistake of telling everybody that the brooch has a curse. Sam points out the empty space in Pittsburgh where Uncle Jonah once was. Sam tells everybody that once the pen fell out on goal of Joanna died. Rob very carefully points out that his uncle was 87 years old. But to his father death is very important.

Laura promises Mrs. Petrie to take care of the brooch. Rob and Laura have an argument about how to get away with wearing the brooch and Rob offers to help do the dishes so Laura doesn't accidentally put the brooch fan of its garbage disposal.

Later that evening Millie is helping Laura do the dishes Laura very carefully takes off her wedding ring and the brooch. Laura cleans off a dish and a few minutes later the garbage disposal makes a very odd sound.

Laura and very carefully and reaches down into the garbage disposal and retrieves what is left of the brooch and begins to playing a game to see if she can get Rob to help her remember where the rest of the family was born.

Laura desperately tries to find someone who can put the brooch back together again she goes to a jeweler who tells her he is unable to put it back together that is until Laura says she needs the broach by Saturday. Rob comes in the kitchen to tell Laura that his mother would like to have dinner with them Saturday night to celebrate the brooch. Rob also suggests that they pick a dark restaurant so that no one can see the brooch.

After the jeweler takes the brooch He tells Laura and Millie that if no one can fix it nobody can. He will have to get a map of the United States from his grandson's geography book. Laura unfortunately can't remember where all Rob's family was born. When the jeweler tells Laura that he cannot fix the brooch Millie suggests that they try another jeweler.

Millie advises Laura too flirt with Rob while asking where the rest of the family was born. Laura tells Rob that when she washed the dishes she sometimes plays solitaire to pass the time Rob wonders if the cards get soggy.

Laura tells Rob that she had a tough time on the brooch game. Rob knowing his wife all too well believes she's creating something and asks Laura all sorts of questions then Laura unfortunately tells him the bad news that she put the brooch down the garbage disposal.

Rob wonders why Laura couldn't have sold the brooch or just plain dropped it somewhere Laura apologizes for breaking the brooch.

Laura and Rob are pacing the floor anxiously who will arrive first his parents or the jeweler? Rob and Laura are shocked because both Rob's parents and the jeweler arrive at the same time! Rob answers the door and leads the jeweler in first. Laura quickly grabs the brooch and goes to put it on her dress. Rob then comes in the door saying that Laura was undressed. Rob's father complained about not getting to see Laura naked because the jeweler got to see it first.

Rob decides to tell his parents that Laura wasn't naked she just went to put the brooch on her dress. Rob wanted his parents to see Laura with the brooch. As Clara takes a look at the brooch she addresses something, about the brooch. The Petries are in the wrong place on the brooch.

Laura bravely tells Rob's mother what happened to the original brooch. Rob's mother begins to react strangely to the news. Everybody expects Rob's mother to be very upset at the fact that the brooch is broken. Rob's mother is very happy that someone destroyed the brooch.

Rob's mother says the reason she even though it was ugly was because represented the family. Rob and Laura decide to go eat a very bright restaurant Rob asks Laura how much the brooch costs. She whispers the cost of the brooch to her husband and we find out that Rob's dad will pay for dinner.

Sam comes back to his son's house still hungry and asking Laura to make something for him. He asks Laura if she still has coffee for everybody Rob's father decides not to wait until next year to give Laura the earrings representing the last of the 50 states.