The Dick Van Dyke Show

Season 4 Episode 12

The Death of the Party

Aired Unknown Dec 09, 1964 on CBS

Episode Recap

Rob is determined to go to a golf game but Laura is concerned that he will get sick during the golf game. So early one morning while Laura is still asleep he decides to sneak out of the House to go to the golf game. After Rob closes the door he realizes he's forgotten his money and his keys.

Rob wonders if he will have a happy home after putting in a full day's work and the golf game. Laura assures him that he House and happy home but she isn't happy that she had to let him back in the door at 5:00 in the morning so he could grab his money.

Laura really doesn't want her husband to go play golf because he usually gets very tired after a golf game and it takes a two-hour nap. Rob however claims that being exhausted is exhilarating and he feels quite sure that he will be OK when he comes home after the golf game and putting a full day's work at the office. Laura and Rob argue over which day was scheduled first the party was Laura's family or the golf game. Rob tells her that Jerry and the guys have been planning this weekday golf game for weeks. And Rob tells Laura that the intent office and the golf game will make him exhilarating it for tonight.

Laura disappoints Rob by memorizing the use speech that he gives when to things conflict. Laura's suspicions turn out to be true when Buddy and Sally have just come back from eating at a restaurant and Buddy reminds her to remind him not to eat too much the next time they go to that place.

They find Rob on the couch asleep not feeling too well after having just played a game of golf on wet grass. Rob is now awake and Sally asks some healthy feels. Rob can't decide if he has a cold or just tired. He also tells Sally he's not very hungry. She can't understand how someone would get up at 4:30 in the morning just to go play a game of golf.

Sally determines that Rob may have a 24 hour virus. Rob wonders exactly how he will be able to hide the fact that he really is sick from Laura and her family.

Laura calls Rob and asks him how he did on his golf game. Rob tells her that Jerry and the gang have been planning to do it at least twice a week. He tells Laura and forgot to pick up some items for the party on the way home. Laura has requested vanilla ice cream Rob gets liquorice ice cream instead. Buddy ate too much food at the restaurant and is almost finished eating soup that Rob decides he would like to have. Laura asks Rob to set the bar and the snacks but he decides to take a shower but takes a nap instead.

As Rob begins to set up the bar he takes his temperature and find out that it was 99. Seconds later Millie comes in and Rob asks her what Jerry would do when he was ill.

Millie takes Rob's temperature and then Millie rambles on about why men talk with men and women talk with women. After that Rob suddenly takes the thermometer out deciding this time not to know what his temperature is because if he doesn't know what it is he figures he will make it through the party and then die.

Rob finally joins the guests from the kitchen but he makes a mistake in the drink orders he gives Uncle Harold a glass of alcohol and another man a glass of ginger ale. Laura finally the shows up in the kitchen to find out exactly what keeping Rob in the kitchen so long.

Laura gets tired of telling her guests where Rob is as and the then tells them that they're going to play a game of charades Rob wonders if he will be will be able to get through the game. As they began to play Chardes Rob picks up a clue The Canterbury Tales and desperately tries to act out the clue and trying to hide the fact the he is sick. After somebody finally guesses the clue Rob faints and tells Laura the clue and then requests that someone called doctor. Rob learns he does have virus and that he will need to stay in bed for couple of days due to a 103 temperature. Laura kisses him to check for his temperature and the affection rate. She determines that due to a temperature of 103 his affection rate is 97.4.