The Dick Van Dyke Show

Season 4 Episode 16

The Impractical Joke

Aired Unknown Jan 13, 1965 on CBS

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  • This episode started with "Buddy Sorrell", & "Phil Franklin" calling at "Sally Roger"'s apartment & wiretapping their telephone calls! the "GO OUTSIDE AND SCREAM LIKE A CHICKEN!" line is the heckler that went "Return To Sender"! {Phil said

    This episode is hysterically humorous, from beginning to end! And it is my all-time favorite of Dick Van Dyke Show episodes. If I could, I would classify it in three ways, SILLY, PIVOTAL &
    To explain "Pivotal", the joke, Buddy Sorrell started, ended up, back on him!
    He started wiretapping phonecalls & as he got "Phil Franklin" (while they were at Sally Rogers' apartment) to call "Rob Petrie's" house. {Before the phonecall, Buddy said "Well, for the un-informed, Phil is by day my accountant and at night, the greatest practical joker in the business!"} When the phonecall occurred, Rob & Laura Petrie were watching a Western. (Mary Tyler Moore), "Laura" got "Rob" (Dick Van Dyke)to answer the phone. Phil, [pretending to be a telephone repairman] with a teaspoon, continiosly tapped the phone he called from, and got Rob to think that his telephone line is "staticky"! After numerous pranks during the phonecall, Phil said "Get a nylon stocking, hairspray, go outside and scream, like a chicken!" Buddy finally confesses that he was the reason of the prank phone call.
    Next day, at work "Rob" says "Good Morning, Rats." as Buddy & Sally come in. Rob then hands a page with a note & phone number to Buddy to call his wife "Pickles". Buddy thinks that is Rob a prank by Rob. But it was the truth! And later in the day, at work Rob "TRIES TO WARN" Buddy that the chair where he sat is not empty! Buddy does not believe Rob, as he told the truth. The next day at the office, two things occurred. First, Rob is called out of the office to see "Alan Brady" & while Rob is out, an IRS
    agent, named "William Handlebuck" comes in to check Buddy Sorrel's Income Tax. Buddy thinks that the IRS agent is Rob Petrie's way of
    "getting even" & HE IS WRONG! At first Buddy mis-pronounced the IRS agent's name as, "William Handlebar" & "Buck Rogers". He eventually tore up his Income Tax form! As soon as Rob returns to the office, "William Handlebuck was about to leave and warning Buddy that he is in a lot of trouble! After "William Handlebuck" left the office and Rob tried to keep him from leaving, Rob returns "limping" and saying "I busted my leg on a lady!" After Rob returns, he tells Buddy that he was no part of the IRS agent's visit. And he proves it by looking at the tore up papers, on the floor then finding Buddy Sorrell's signature and then showing to Buddy. The remainder of the day, at the office, Buddy is shocked by what he had done.
    The next at the office, "William Handlebuck" returns, and Rob speaks first, to inform
    "William Handlebuck" that Buddy thought he "is an actor". Buddy apologizes for tearing up his Income Tax form. Then, "William Handlebuck" said
    "This shouldn't be too hard, just fill out this new form, copying this one exactly." Buddy agrees to obey. Then "William Handlebuck" said, "Then go outside and scream, like a chicken!".
    Then immediately, after the repeated line of
    "Go outside and scream, like a chicken!" was said, the second time, "Phil Franklin" comes in and tells Buddy "Just a reasonable facsimile, I got you myself, for myself! I set it up to look like Rob did it."
    " Then Buddy starts to sign a page "DECLARING REVENGE", as he is signing his name to the
    "reminder page", the inkpen "explodes", making it look like Buddy Sorrell has a "BLOODY NOSE!"
    Then this episode concluded.
    Sam Persky and Bill (William) DeNoff co-wrote this episode.