The Dick Van Dyke Show

Season 1 Episode 1

The Sick Boy and the Sitter

Aired Unknown Oct 03, 1961 on CBS



  • Trivia

    • Goof: When Rob is doing the impression of Laura's Uncle Henry, you can see where the carpet ends and the hard floor of the studio begins when he falls on the ground.

    • The song Sally sings is called "I wish I could sing like Durante."

    • Goof: When Janie leaves to go home she leaves all of her school books on the table.

    • Goof: When Sally is singing her song, in one of the frames her hands are down. In the next frame are up by her neck.

  • Quotes

    • (Rob takes the liver out of the frying pan)
      Laura: What are you doing?
      Rob: I know you. Once this liver is cooked you'll never go.
      Laura: You won't change my mind, so you might as well put it back in the pan.
      Rob: Oh, let's talk it over a little longer.
      Laura: Robert, will you please put my liver back.

    • Sally: I've got another word over here, milkbath.
      Buddy: Milkbath! Say that is a good one...anybody else got one?
      Sally: Milkbath!
      Buddy: All right, a friend of mine was very seriously hurt while taking a milkbath. (to Sally) Ask me why.
      Sally: Why?
      Buddy: Funny you should ask. What happened was, the cow slipped on a piece of soap and fell on his head.

    • Laura: Oh, and Janie, if anything unusual happens just call your mother, she lives next door.
      Rob: She knows where her mother lives.

    • Laura: Well there are symptoms.
      Rob: What symptoms?
      Laura: Well...
      Rob: Come on, I'm the boy's father.
      Laura: He turned down his cupcake.
      (acting as if he is startled by the news)
      Rob: He turned down his cupcake! And you didn't call the ambulance!

    • Rob: Hi, honey. How's your white satin evening gown?
      Laura: Fine. How's your red flannel bathrobe?

    • Mel:(pointing at Buddy) What about him?
      Buddy: Him will be there with bells on. If it's cold I'll wear something warmer.

    • Mel: Rob, as the producer of this show, once more I must insist that you must instruct your staff to show me a little respect.
      Buddy: We're showing you as little respect as possible.

    • Sally: ...and Mr. Cooley is paid to produce the show because...
      Buddy: ...because he is the star's brother-in-law.

    • Sally: I've got a date with an unmarried accountant I would like to get there before he gets married.

    • Rob: Now wait a minute.
      (takes the paper out of the typewriter Sally is using)
      Sally: That won't stop me. I'll type it on the ribbon.

    • Rob: I don't think we should end this week's show with a joke. I'd like Alan to come out and say something with meaning.
      Buddy: Yeah? What kind of meaning?
      Rob: I wrote down a quote from Ralph Waldo Emerson.
      Buddy: What show does he write for?

    • Buddy: Maybe he says something philosophical like, Folks, remember save your money. Someday it may be worth something.

    • Sally:...and remember the Alan Brady thought of the day is, Drive carefully, especially on the sidewalks.

    • Laura: Did you eat anything next door?
      Richie: Just water I ate.
      Laura: Just water. You should feel hungry.
      (Laura feels Richie's forehead, then her own and then Richie's again)
      Richie: Do I feel hungry, mommy?

    • Rob: Together we worry just right.

    • Babysitter: What did you say was in the bowl on the bottom shelf of the refrigerator?
      Rob: Who knows? If it's food, eat it. If it's a phone number, call it!

  • Notes

    • The opening introduction has an envelope of photos of the cast falling out.

    • When this pilot was filmed, "Jerry & Millie Helper" were not the Petrie's next-door neighbors- "Sam & Dottie" were. The "Helpers" appeared after weekly production of the series began.

    • Mary Tyler Moore was only 23 when the show premiered. Being that she was supposed to be in her early 30s as Laura Petrie, the make-up and wardrobe departments had to go to work to make her look 7 years older than she actually was!

    • The pilot episode of the series, this episode was filmed following the original, unsuccessful pilot starring Carl Reiner as Rob Petrie. When they tried it a second time (with Dick Van Dyke of course in the lead role), Carl Reiner reluctantly realized that his place on this particular show was behind the camera, and Van Dyke deserved the spotlight.

    • This episode was filmed on the day of John F. Kennedy's inauguration.

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