The Dick Van Dyke Show

Season 2 Episode 7

What's in a Middle Name?

Aired Unknown Nov 07, 1962 on CBS

Episode Recap

Rob complaints about why his son gets all the good things to eat and he always gives the same thing. Rob decides to make a list of mumbles that will help Laura in figuring out exactly what Rob wants for breakfast.

Ritchie asks what his middle name it is and notices a strange reaction between his parents. Ritchie finds of birth certificate with the middle name Rosebud on it.

Later that night Rob and Laura decide to tell Ritchie how his middle name came about. Rob recalls a moment to eight years ago when Loren came into his office and told she was pregnant. Laura and Rob decide to name the baby after each other but then soon decide against it.

Laura and Rob suggest that everybody make a list with names to consider for the baby. The first name that one family comes up with is Oscar. One family feels that Oscar doesn't go with Petrie. Sam Petrie suggests Sam because it's a name you can do business with. Another name suggested is Edward. Yet another name suggested is Benjamin. That's the only name Mrs. Petrie feels would please families.

Grandpa Petrie suggests Ulysses David if it's a boy and he chooses the same name if it's a girl.

Rob has a plan to make Ritchie happy with the middle name of rosebud. He suggests to Laura to get. The blackboard out and make a dental appointment.

The next day after breakfast Ritchie has begun a name for his future son or daughter. The name he pecks is Mickey rat Petrie. The letter M. represents Ritchie the letter a represents Alan Brady(Rob's boss) the letter t represents Ritchie's Teddy bear.

Leading Rob and Laura to fight over the name of their future grandson or granddaughter