The Dick Van Dyke Show

Season 1 Episode 19

Where Did I Come From?

Aired Unknown Jan 03, 1962 on CBS



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    • This flashback episode depicts Rob and a 9-months pregnant Laura living in Willettown, New York, in their rented house before they moved to New Rochelle at 148 Bonny Meadow Road . However, in the episode "Your Home Sweet Home is My Home", Rob & Laura purchase the house at 148 Bonny Meadow Road when she is just 2 months pregnant! Wouldn't they be living there when she has the baby? (This is again verified in the episode where Rob is laid off and comes home to a pregnant Laura who is "not yet showing"... and she is laying out brown paper on the empty living room floor to signify where their new furniture will be placed once it arrives in their new home!) And they thought nobody would notice... I noticed!

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    • On the Monday before this episode aired, Dick Van Dyke appeared on CBS's live gameshow "I've Got a Secret" as that week's guest in part to help get the word out about the timeslot change. Garry Moore introduced him as the star of just about the only hit new tv show of the season, and claimed to be a big fan himself. DVD came on, and after announcing the time switch, as his 'secret' did a pantomime of both a man undergoing an Army induction physical (panellist Betsy Palmer had DVD, Garry Moore, Bill Cullen and Henry Morgan laughing hystericlly when she innocently asked why DVD coughed deeply at one point) and a new father diapering a baby for the first time. At the request of Moore, DVD then demonstrated his imitation of a spider running along the floor.

    • The film was rocked because John Rich like a joke he wanted to see it twice.

    • The DVD has a teaser for this episode which is not seen with most episodes of this show.

    • Before the show starts Dick tells viewers that show is in a new timeslot.

    • The hat Dick wears is from Bye Bye Birdie.

    • The suit had to be wet over night to looked wrinkled!

    • Carl Reiner almost quit TV because he couldn't say You come from mother's belly.

    • The network objected to the original script, in which Ritchie says, "I was inside Mommy, wasn't I?" The dialogue was eventually replaced with "Daddy, where did I come from?"

    • Dick Van Dyke says this episode is his favorite. He didn't really need to act like a nervous dad Carrie Beth his daughter was born

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