The Dinah Shore Chevy Show - Season 3

NBC (ended 1962)




Episode Guide

  • September 27, 1959
    September 27, 1959
    Episode 52
    Hosted by Roy Rogers & Dale Evans; guests include Edie Adams, Connie Francis, Audie Murphy, Eddy Arnold, John Terrin, Rafael Mendez, Sons of the Pioneers, Dodie & Debbie Rogers and the Rudell Brothers.
  • September 20, 1959
    September 20, 1959
    Episode 51
    Hosted by Janet Blair & John Raitt, this is the last show of the summer series. Guests include Opera singer Dorothy Kirsten, comedian Shecky Greene, piano team of Paul & Annette Smith, Don Adams and Loulie Jean Norman.

    In a sequence showing how a show is created, producer, Bob Henry, associate producer Greg Peters, choreographer Jack Regas, script secretary Joan Maas, and writers Ed Simmons, Jack Brooks and Martin Ragaway portray themselves.

    Musical Highlights:

    Janet & John sing, "Everything’s Coming Up Roses"
    Dorothy Kirsten performs "Summertime" and an aria from Madame Butterfly.
    John Raitt performs an aria from Figaro.
    Dorothy & John duet on "Bess, You is My Woman Now".moreless
  • September 13, 1959
    September 13, 1959
    Episode 50
    Hosted by Janet Blair & John Raitt, guests include Howard Morris, Pat Carroll, Paul Smith and Sam Butera and the Witnesses.
  • September 6, 1959
    September 6, 1959
    Episode 49
    Hosts Janet Blair and John Raitt welcome entertainer Rose-Marie, song-and-dance man Eddie Foy Jr. and ventriloquist Shari Lewis.

    Highlights: Janet Blair sings Something Big, John Raitt sings Tomorrow Mountain, Raitt and Blair sing Indian Love Call and Eddie Foy and Janet Blair perform Pair of entertaining gentlemen.
  • August 30, 1959
    August 30, 1959
    Episode 48
    Hosted by Janet Blair & John Raitt; guests include Howard Morris, Pat Carroll and Paul Smith.
  • August 23, 1959
    August 23, 1959
    Episode 47
    John Raitt and Janet Blair host and welcome singers Dorothy Kirsten and Jimmy Dean, and comedian Don Adams to an evening of music, much of it with a Southern accent.


    Swanee and I love Louisa (Janet Blair) I’ve Got Plenty of Nothing and Make a Miracle (John Raitt) Waiting for the Robert E. Lee (Janet Blair, John Raitt, Dorothy Kirsten) Un Bel Di (Dorothy Kirsten) Look at the Good Side (Jimmy Dean) Happy child (Janet Blair & Jimmy Dean) What this World needs (All).moreless
  • August 16, 1959
    August 16, 1959
    Episode 46
    Hosted by Janet Blair & John Raitt, guests include Dorothy Kirsten, Alice Ghostly and Bobby Sargent.
  • August 9, 1959
    August 9, 1959
    Episode 45
    Hosted by Janet Blair and John Raitt, guests include the comedy team of Dan Rowan and Dick Martin, and arranger/composer Matt Dennis.

  • August 2, 1959
    August 2, 1959
    Episode 44
    Hosted by Janet Blair and John Raitt, guests include Dorothy Collins, Gene Sheldon, and the Collins Kids.
  • July 26, 1959
    July 26, 1959
    Episode 43
    Hosted by Janet Blair and John Raitt, guests include Wally Cox and Joyce Jameson.
  • July 19, 1959
    July 19, 1959
    Episode 42
    Hosted by Janet Blair and John Raitt, guests include Dorothy Kirsten, Larry Storch, and Barbara Heller.
  • July 12, 1959
    July 12, 1959
    Episode 41
    Hosted by John Raitt and Janet Blair, guests include Gene Sheldon, Joel Grey and Conley Graves.
  • July 5, 1959
    July 5, 1959
    Episode 40
    Hosted by John Raitt and Janet Blair, guests include Dorothy Kirsten and Alan Young.
  • June 28, 1959
    June 28, 1959
    Episode 39
    Hosts John Raitt and Janet Blair welcome guests comedienne Pat Carroll and Howard Morris.

    Highlights: An office theme keeps Janet Blair, John Raitt, Pat Carroll and Howard Morris hopping. Carroll and Morris do a lunch counter vignette and a janitor's bit.
  • June 21, 1959
    June 21, 1959
    Episode 38
    Hosts John Raitt and Janet Blair welcome guests Dorothy Kirsten and the comedy team of Dan Rowan and Dick Martin.

    Musical Highlights: Dorothy Kirsten has a big night singing such old tunes as "Tumbling Tumbleweed" & "It's a Big Wide Wonderful World" (in a duet with John Raitt), and "Cool, Cool of the Evening" (with Janet Blair). Comics Rowan and Martin do a bit on muscle beach, Raitt sings about a "Sunday Barbeque" and Janet turns to "Back in Your Own Backyard".

  • June 14, 1959
    June 14, 1959
    Episode 37
    Hosts John Raitt and Janet Blair welcome pianist Joe Bushkin and Eddie Foy Jr.
  • June 7, 1959
    June 7, 1959
    Episode 36
    Hosts John Raitt and Janet Blair welcome guests: Dorothy Kirsten, Joe Bushkin, the Kim Sisters and Kukla and Ollie. Lots of singing, and the entire cast tunes in for a medley on musical instruments that includes "Piccolo Pete".
  • May 31, 1959
    May 31, 1959
    Episode 35
    Dinah welcomes Tony Bennett, Mike Nichols & Elaine May, Janet Blair and the Clark Sisters.
  • May 24, 1959
    May 24, 1959
    Episode 34
    Dinah welcomes Johnny Mercer, Joseph Schildkraut (currently performing in "Diary of Anne Frank"), Harry James and his orchestra and Cliff Arquette (aka Charlie Weaver) returns.

    Charlie Weaver brings his mother to the show. He somehow has gotten the idea that his mom is going to be the next vocalist with the Harry James orchestra.

    Dinah and Joseph Schildkraut reenact the Christmas shopping scene from the play "The Affairs of Anatol," a drama written by Arthur Schnitzler.

    (Musical) Highlights:
    Dinah sings "Put the Blame on Me."
    Johnny Mercer joins Harry James & his band for a medley.moreless
  • May 17, 1959
    May 17, 1959
    Episode 33
    Dinah welcomes Miss Peggy Lee, Van Johnson and Cliff Arquette (aka Charlie Weaver). Also appearing are dancers Sujanta and Asoka, from India, who perform a "slithering wedding dance."

    Dinah visits Weaver at his Mount Idy general store.

    Van Johnson sings,"I Love the Girl I'm Near". Dinah sings, "I Thought About You" and "When I Fall In Love".

    Van & Dinah duet on, "Sunshine Cake".

    Peggy sings, "I'm Just Second Best", "I Just Love Him So" and "The Way You Did Before". Dinah sings, "I Got Rhythm" and Peggy joins in with "Fever" and "I Got Plenty of Nothing" and blend both together. Great duet!

    All join in for "Lotus Flower".moreless
  • May 10, 1959 Mother's Day Tribute
    Dinah welcomes Bob Cummings, Steve Lawrence and Marge & Gower Champion.

    As part of a tribute to Mother's Day, Dinah shows baby pictures of herself and her guests. The Champions dance to nursey rhymes. Bob Cummings and Dinah play grandparents. Dinah's guests join her for a satire of dance parties.
    (Musical) Highlights:
    Dinah sings her Mother's Day standard "I Was Too Busy."
    Steve Lawrence sings "Only Love Me."
    Dinah and Steve Lawrence do a medley of World War II songs.moreless
  • May 3, 1959
    May 3, 1959
    Episode 31
    Dinah welcomes Peter Lawford, Gene Barry and Janis Paige.
  • April 26, 1959
    April 26, 1959
    Episode 30
    Roy Rogers & Dale Evans host a Country and Western music show. The guests include Roy Acuff, Johnny Cash, The Everly Brothers, George Gobel, Betty Johnson, The Kingston Trio, Minnie Pearl and Ernest Tubbs.
  • April 19, 1959
    April 19, 1959
    Episode 29
    Dinah welcomes Lana Turner, Carl Reiner, Kay Starr and Red Norvo & his jazz combo.
    In a comedy sketch, Dinah tries to interview Lana but has to contend with the director.

    (Musical) Highlights:
    Dinah sings Cole Porter's "It's Alright With Me" in an arrangement very similar to the one she recorded on her Capitol album "Dinah Sings Some Blues With Red (Norvo)".
    Dinah also sings "Save Your Sorrow."
    Kay Starr sings "100 Years from Today" and "Three Letters."moreless
  • April 12, 1959
    April 12, 1959
    Episode 28
    Dinah's guests are Gary Crosby, Red Norvo, Tony Randall with a salute to Hawaii.
  • April 5, 1959
    April 5, 1959
    Episode 27
    Dinah welcomes Louis Prima & Keely Smith, Jose Greco and Sam Butera and the Witnesses.

    (Musical) Highlights: Dinah sings "April Showers" & "I'll Remember April". Jose Greco dances to Ravel's "Bolero". Louis Prima, Keely Smith, and Sam Butera and the Witnesses do a medley of songs in an extended segment.
  • March 29, 1959
    March 29, 1959
    Episode 26
    Guest hosts Edie Adams, Janet Blair, and John Raitt welcome Dorothy Kirsten, Dan Rowan and Dick Martin, Fred MacMurray and Rhonda Fleming.
  • March 22, 1959
    March 22, 1959
    Episode 25
    Dinah welcomes Ginger Rogers, Cesar Romero, Mahalia Jackson and Cliff Arquette (aka Charlie Weaver).

    Dinah sings "Charlie, My Boy" for guest Charlie Weaver.
  • March 15, 1959
    March 15, 1959
    Episode 24
    Dinah welcomes is Ray Bolger, Gary Crosby (filling in for an ill Peggy Lee) and newly Oscar nominated for "Gigi", pianist-composer Andre Previn in this Paris themed show.

    Dinah sings, "Come Gather Round", "Paris, Paris" and "Bells Will Be Ringing".

    Gary sings,"Mr. Saturday Dance, I Don't Get Around Much Anymore" and "Jamboree Jones".

    Andre plays and Dinah sings, "You Are" & "Twilight Time" (also known as "Under Paris Skies", sung by Andy Williams). Andre also performs a solo.

    Ray imitates Maurice Chevalier singing "Louise" to a group of small children.

    Andre, Dinah and Gary sing, "Doodlie, Doodlie, Doo".

    Ray does a dance routine and closes with a beautiful waltz with Dinah.

    And all join in singing C'est ca fini!moreless
  • March 8, 1959
    March 8, 1959
    Episode 23
    Dinah's guests are Tony Randall, Ella Fitzgerald, and Betty Grable.

    Musical Highlights: Ella joins Dinah for a blues medley. Tony Randall sings with Alexandra Danilova, and teams up with Dinah and Betty Grable in a 1920 sequence. An entertaining session.
  • March 1, 1959
    March 1, 1959
    Episode 22
    Art Carney is the guest host with guests Shirley Temple, Alfred Drake and Janis Paige.

    Musical Highlights: Art Carney, Shirley Temple, Alfred Drake, and Janis Paige sing "Just Like That," each solos to "How High the Moon" in his or her own fashion. There's a take-off on westerns by Carney and Drake, and a comic-strip sequence by the whole cast.moreless
  • February 22, 1959
    February 22, 1959
    Episode 21
    Dinah welcomes Gordon MacRae, Gisele MacKenzie, Jacques D'Amboise, Violette Verdy and Cal Tjader.
  • February 15, 1959
    February 15, 1959
    Episode 20
    Dinah's guests are Craig Stevens, Vera Ellen, Andre Previn and George Gobel.

    Highlights: Vera Ellen dances to the "Peter Gunn theme". Pianist Andre Previn and Dinah hook up for a medley of jazz songs. And actor Craig Stevens sings with George Gobel and Dinah.
  • February 8, 1959
    February 8, 1959
    Episode 19
    DInah's guests are Douglas Fairbanks Jr., Jane Powell and Mel Torme.

    Together they join in for the opening "mad ball" number, and get ready for a real songfest. Between songs, Fairbanks changes the tune and reads "The Legacy."
  • February 1, 1959
    February 1, 1959
    Episode 18
    Louis Jourdan visits Shirley MacLaine, as she acts as hostess for a Japanese variety show. Thirteen Japanese entertainers perform: songstress Izumi Yukimura; James Shigeta, singing TV star; classical dancer Wakana Hanayagi; female jazz musician Haru Tominaga, who plays the koto, an ancient instrument; the Rice Paddies, comedy team of three girls and two boys; and the Baseball Kings, a quartet of pantomime artists who lampoon baseball.moreless
  • January 25, 1959
    January 25, 1959
    Episode 17
    Dinah's guests are Van Johnson, Marge & Gower Champion, Dorothy Kirsten and Cliff Arquette (aka Charlie Weaver). Dinah sings, "Today, I Love Everybody". Art Clokey (creator of Davey & Goliath and Gumby & Pokey) is the art director behind the beginning show sequence which was done in claymation.
  • January 18, 1959
    January 18, 1959
    Episode 16
    Dinah Shore welcomes Louis Jourdan, Audrey Meadows and Eddie Bracken.
    Also appearing: Tony Charmoli, the show's choreographer, performs a dance number.
  • January 11, 1959
    January 11, 1959
    Episode 15
    Dinah's guests include Eve Arden, Dick Shawn and Red Norvo Quintet. Also appearing are the Asian dance team of Sujata and Asoka.

    Musical Highlights: "Flying Down To Rio" sequence with Dinah and Eve, Dick and the Red Norvo Quintet. Dinah even "balances" on the wings of an aeroplane as she sings "Flying Down To Rio". Eve Arden sings "South America, Take It Away". Dinah sings, "Going to take a Sentimental Journey". Dinah sings, "Baia" with Eve Arden & Dick Shawn.moreless
  • January 4, 1959
    January 4, 1959
    Episode 14
    Dinah has a "Country-style Howdown" with Roy Rogers, Dale Evans, Pat Boone, Jo Stafford, Eddy Arnold, Rex Allen and the comedy team of Homer and Jethro, the Sons of the Pioneers and the Hollywood Square Dancers. Paul Weston Orchestra conducts.
  • December 28, 1958
    December 28, 1958
    Episode 13
    Dinah's guests are Lisa Kirk, Elaine May and Mike Nichols.
  • December 21, 1958 Christmas Show
    Dinah welcomes Burl Ives, Gale Storm, John Raitt, Frederick Davis, Missy Montgomery and The Mormon Choir of Southern California.
  • December 14, 1958
    December 14, 1958
    Episode 11
    Dinah's guests are Shirley Temple, Tony Randall, Shirley MacLaine and jazzman Red Norvo.
  • December 7, 1958
    December 7, 1958
    Episode 10
    Sid Caesar hosts and welcomes guests Audrey Meadows, Dolores Gray, Cliff Norton, The Szonys and the Tony Scott Quintet.
  • November 30, 1958
    November 30, 1958
    Episode 9
    Dinah welcomes Bob Cummings and Shirley Booth.
  • November 23, 1958
    November 23, 1958
    Episode 8
    Dinah welcomes Maurice Evans, Gordon MacRae and his wife Sheila MacRae, Roy Rogers & Dale Evans, and Dinah's husband George Montgomery.
  • November 16, 1958
    November 16, 1958
    Episode 7
    Dinah welcomes Sid Caesar, Mahalia Jackson, Jose Greco, Cliff Norton and Michael Davis.

    Gospel singer Mahalia Jackson performs a duet with Dinah.
    Jose Greco does a Spanish dance number with Dinah, and introduces his young protege Michael Davis.
    Sid and Dinah do a Roaring '20s sketch.
  • November 9, 1958
    November 9, 1958
    Episode 6
    "The Chevy Show" presents live, the Grand National World Championship Rodeo, starring Roy Rogers and Dale Evans with The Sons of the Pioneers. Special added attraction, The Royal Canadian Mounted Police and World Champion Cowboys.
  • November 2, 1958
    November 2, 1958
    Episode 5
    Guest host Sid Caesar welcomes Art Carney, Shirley MacLaine, Jo Stafford, and The Kirby Stone Four.
  • October 26, 1958
    October 26, 1958
    Episode 4
    Dinah welcomes Maurice Chevalier, Elsa Lanchester, Julius LaRosa and Joan Davis to the show.
  • October 19, 1958
    October 19, 1958
    Episode 3
    Dinah welcomes Ethel Merman, Danny Thomas and Rusty Hamer, and Marge & Gower Champion.
  • October 12, 1958
    October 12, 1958
    Episode 2
    Dinah welcomes Ella Fitzgerald, Peter Lawford and Jimmy Durante.
  • October 5, 1958
    October 5, 1958
    Episode 1
    Dinah welcomes Burl Ives, Art Carney, Louis Jourdan and Gwen Verdon. Dinah sings "Something Wonderful" (from "The King and I") and duets with Burl Ives on "Early One Morning".