The Dinah Shore Chevy Show - Season 6

NBC (ended 1962)




Episode Guide

  • June 1, 1962
    June 1, 1962
    Episode 7
    Dinah welcomes Robert Preston, Rita Moreno, Vic Damone, and the Frank DeVol orchestra.

    Vic sings, "Flamingo", Robert sings, "Trouble", Dinah & Vic sing, "June medley", Rita sings, "Teamwork", "Jim", "I Walk Alone" and "Mad About Him Blues". Dinah & Rita sing,"The Lady Wants to Twist" and All sing, "Ain't Down Yet".moreless
  • February 23, 1962
    February 23, 1962
    Episode 6
    Dinah welcomes Vince Edwards, George Chakiris, Keely Smith and Big Tiny Little and his Combo to the show.

    Vince Edwards forsakes his surgical greens tonight to perform strictly as a song-and-dance man, while in one number Chakiris delves into his family origins and comes with a genuine Greek folk dance.

    Harry Zimmerman conducts the orchestra.moreless
  • January 26, 1962
    January 26, 1962
    Episode 5
    Dinah welcomes Yves Montand, Steve Allen, Audrey Meadows, Peter Lind Hayes and Mary Healy to the show. After an opening riverboat production number, Yves Montand receives a few lessons in American customs. In one of the sketches Yves, Steve and Audrey do a Gallic version of an American TV comedy series, and in another, Steve presents his views on how American men make use of their leisure time.moreless
  • December 29, 1961
    December 29, 1961
    Episode 4
    Dinah welcomes Ginger Rogers, Nat King Cole, George Burns and the Even Dozen to the show.

    Dinah and Nat sing a collection of blues and spirituals written for them by Ticker Freeman and Earl Brown. George Burns does a monologue about the happenings at a New Year's Eve Party. Dinah and George sing, "I Ain't Got Nobody". Dinah sings, "Ain't We Got Fun?", "Down Home Rag" and "Scarlet Ribbons". Dinah, Ginger and George sing, "Some of These Days".moreless
  • December 1, 1961
    December 1, 1961
    Episode 3
    Dinah welcomes guests Frankie Avalon, Nelson Eddy, Milton Berle and the Even Dozen. Frank Devol conducts the orchestra.

    Eddy-Avalon-Berle do a number entitled "Take Five". Dinah demonstrates some of the goings-on during a show's rehearsals. Berle and Dinah portray a battling husband and wife in a musical-comedy sketch titled "Who's Sad?". Dinah sings "Tonight". Dinah and Even Dozen perform, "They Go Wild, Simply Wild Over Me" and All join in for "Stout-Hearted Men".moreless
  • November 3, 1961
    November 3, 1961
    Episode 2
    Dinah welcomes Dean Martin, Donald O'Connor and the Even Dozen to the show.

    Dean and Donald team up for a spoof on the grand old institution of TV, including the primitive techniques of its early days, the current "Hurry-up" method of shooting TV film, the hazard's of putting on a "live" TV show and a look at the television of the future.moreless
  • October 6, 1961
    October 6, 1961
    Episode 1
    Dinah welcomes Nanette Fabray, Al Hirt and her husband George Montgomery.