The Directors

Season 1 Episode 10

David Cronenberg

Aired Saturday 12:00 PM May 09, 2001 on Encore



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    • Peter Weller: Naked Lunch was degraded as pornography, as unredeemable filth, and then considered one of the most explosive and evocative comments on social behavior in the century.

    • Brooke Adams: David is pretty much, "I get out of the actors' way," kind of director unless he really feels you've gone way off. …and he just kind of guides you if he thinks he needs to, but otherwise stays out of your way.

    • Michael Ironside: (after hearing one of David's dreams) As much as I respect David, I don't know if I'd ever want to spend any time in his head or in his dreams. He has an absolutely unique way of looking at the universe.

    • David Cronenberg: Scanners was a nightmare to make, right from the first day of shooting. We actually had nothing to shoot, poor [production designer] Carol Spier… had not had time to prepare much of what was necessary for this very elaborate, sort of futuristic scanner-war-city scenario, and we were sort of driving around looking for things to shoot, really, it was very bizarre. And I was writing it from 4:00 to 7:00 every morining, because there was no script, the script was not finished; an ordeal by fire, rather than a trial by fire.

    • Holly Hunter: Very often directors, they step out of their involvement with the story through the course of the day of shooting, and David never does. He keeps himself in utter isolation around the monitor. …and he seems to have that level of involvement all day long.

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    • From all Cronenberg's filmograhpy, Crash was considered the most polemic movie created by the director, mostly for the strong sexual content.

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