The Directors

Season 2 Episode 8

Martha Coolidge

Aired Saturday 12:00 PM Jan 06, 2000 on Encore



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    • Laura Dern: She's so savvy in her humor, that somehow I think that's why she's able to kind of instinctually get how subtle humor can be in the saddest of moments, and still transfer to an audience.

    • Jack Lemmon: (of Walter Matthau) He is the world's worst dancer, and he's tone deaf to boot. I mean, there is actually a law, and it's covered under the Geneva Convention, about he is not allowed to dance and sing, both, 'cause it's more than any human being can take.

    • Patrick Swayze: The true job of the director is to be a storyteller… and have the ability to create magic, or discover magic, or even know magic when you see it. Martha truly has that ability. She's got the technical background, but she loves the process of acting.

    • Mercedes Ruehl: The reason that I really wanted to work with her was when I saw Rambling Rose. I saw the mark of an artist there, and the mark of an artist is a recognizable style. And that's that assertive thing that you need, because the recognizable style comes so much out of what you need to express, what you need to assert, what you need to put out there. The implementation is that receptive thing, and I think Martha has both of those things in a nice balance.

    • Bill Pullman: (of working with her) She's never down, she's always up and everything, and like 'isn't this a great privilege'… She never abandons her good spirit, but she never neglects— she doesn't shy away from a chance to dig in and get into some tough stuff.

    • Laura Dern: (of Coolidge and making Rambling Rose) She knew how to balance honoring the material, and finding a vision for it on-screen.

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