The Directors

Season 2 Episode 51

The Films of Adrian Lyne

Aired Saturday 12:00 PM Jun 07, 2003 on Encore
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The Films of Adrian Lyne
A profile of the director from his early days as an accountant, then directing television commercials, through to his blockbuster films such as Flashdance or Fatal Attraction, and provocative works like Lolita and Nine 1/2 Weeks.

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      • Anne Archer: What happens is he sees something exciting starting to happen creatively, and he feeds it, and sometimes he'll even say something to you which will feed it even more. … He's very, very tuned in to the moment; very aware of when the real stuff is happening.

      • Woody Harrelson: He's proof that neuroses really help in the creative process.

      • Adrian Lyne: I've always thought sexuality isn't about acres of flesh… I think sexuality is much more exciting when you glimpse something.

      • Adrian Lyne: (of deciding to do "Flashdance") I just didn't like the story, I thought it was kind of dumb, I wasn't crazy about it, and I turned it down a couple of times, maybe three. Which was sort of difficult for me to do, because I could tell that they were going to spend the $8 million on the movie, and so finally I said, "yes". And I suppose it shows that you should have an open mind, really. I think it's very dangerous sort of waiting and waiting and waiting for the perfect movie to appear.

      • Adrian Lyne: I don't think you have to be a submarine commander to make a movie about– to make Das Boot, you know, to make a movie about a submarine. You have to learn about it, you have to immerse yourself in that. … That's what a director's job is, and that's what makes it fun, really.

      • Sally Kellerman: The nice thing about Adrian is you felt that you could count on his taste, and that he would shoot until he saw something he really liked. And you knew that if he liked it, then you were protected and that it probably really was a good take.

      • Sherry Lansing: He has incredible visual sense; Adrian's pictures are always stunning visually, but that's not just what he has. He always has a sense of truth.

      • Woody Harrelson: What is unique about his directing… it's his eye. He really sees things in a way that I don't think anyone else would, or could. … The way he lights it, and shoots it, everything is– he makes it really special. He can take an average, relatively dull moment and make it into something electrifying.

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      • Also Credited:

        June Wilkinson – Segment Producer
        Michael Sarcona – Segment Producer
        James Hindman – For the American Film Institute
        Michael Zachary – Production Trainee
        Howell Begle – Film Clearances
        Diane Prentiss – Music Clearances

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