The Directors

Season 1 Episode 12

Tony Scott

Aired Saturday 12:00 PM Apr 04, 2002 on Encore



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    • Tony Scott: (of working with Denzel Washington and Gene Hackman on "Crimson Tide") In terms of their preparation, Gene likes to have everything buttoned up and tied up in terms of any changes before we get to do the scene. … That's his way, but he's always incredibly well-prepared. And Denzel comes in differently. Denzel sometimes likes to improvise, and likes to pull and push and move things around. But that dynamic, that tension between the two actors actually helped me in terms of the two characters in the movie.

    • Jerry Bruckheimer: Tony, again, is an artist; he's a painter. He uses his lights and his colors, his actors to paint the canvas of the movie, which is unique. That's how he approaches his craft.

    • Tony Scott: (of making "Revenge") After Top Gun, it was a whole different world. The world became my oyster, as it were, but I got pigeonholed into doing action movies, and I love doing them, but I really wanted to get back to the darker side of my character.

    • Brad Pitt: You know, on a set time is ticking, which means money is being spent with every second that goes by, and this is a man who— he brings this attitude of life onto the set. He never loses it, he keeps things buoyant. He knows everyone, he speaks to everyone, everyone has a voice on his set and it's pretty inspiring; it's something I took note of, he's a lovely, lovely guy.

    • Tony Scott: To be honest, I wasn't sure that I wanted to do Top Gun. At the beginning I said, "Ohh." You know, I was a painter and I was an artist, and The Hunger was much closer to my sensibilities. And Top Gun was this out-and-out popcorn movie, and I sort of hemmed and hawed, even though I chased it because I was desperate to do another movie, I hemmed and hawed and then it sort of clicked and I said, "Listen, I've got to take it for what it is."

    • Brad Pitt: There were guys that came out of Britain, Scott brothers, Alan Parker, Adrian Lyne, who are just really responsible for defining looks, defining feels that have trickled down from films to commercials down into what we wear to the kind of photos we take. Tony, he's still evolving that look, evolving the feel of celluloid.

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