The District

CBS (ended 2004)


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  • The District was an amazing show with a fantastic cast. The very unique character Jack Mannion made the show. Lynne Thigpen's death was the beginning of the end for the series.

    The District was one of the best cop shows ever. Jack Mannion was one of the most unique and quirky yet lovable characters on TV. The show would've been nothing without him and Craig T. Nelson. Lynne Thigpen was my favorite actor on the show and her death, in my opinon, killed the show. While it still had some great cop storylines, season 4 felt like it was missing something. That something was Ella. Nancy was a pretty good character and her storyline with Huntington's disease was very well-done. Temple was a good character but Debreno was abominable. What an arrogant jerk! I cringed every time he appeared on the screen. The one thing that puzzled me about season 1 is how the first half of the season the mayor and deputy mayor were in every episode (the deputy mayor--played by the very talented Jayne Brook--was even a star) and then they just suddenly disappear after the "Pumpkin" issue is resolved. It was great how they always had Jack go out into the field and work on the cases himself--sometimes the person in charge isn't included enough on shows. The District was, for the most part, a great show that will be missed.