The District - Season 1

CBS (ended 2004)


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  • Fools Russian (2)
    Fools Russian (2)
    Episode 23
    Mannion is suspended pending investigation into his actions. Noland steps in and allows McGregor & Temple to work with Mannion on clearing his name. The three make waves which results in a hostage situation and a car bomb. Meanwhile, Ella is coming to terms with the return of her cancer.
  • Fools Russian (1)
    Fools Russian (1)
    Episode 22
    Two ex-cops who worked as bank securities are shot to death and Mannion suspects that the Russian mob is behind it. The FBI wants the case, but Mannion won't let go and decides to solve it by himself. He contacts Monya, a Russian gangster from NY with whom he has a history and Monya gives him a name to go after. The FBI wants to take over the investigation and Mannion refuses to help them given the issues he has with the bureau back from when they let his old partner die. After a few insults that cross the line of internal rivalship, compromising evidence from Jack's personal account appear to incriminate him, possibly planted by the federals. Meanwhile, Temple's marriage is approaching and he couldn't be happier. But his plans are suddenly interrupted when he pays his fiancée a visit at the hospital. Two men had just arrived from a neighbor fight over a fence, and one of the victim's brother goes insane and tries to shoot the other man. But McGregor throws himself to protect the man and Giselle, Temple's fiancée, ends up being shot. She dies and Temple is severely shocked by it. Jack forbids him to work and McGregor is assigned to catch the guy, which he does. Ella decides to go to the hospital after the psychic warned her about cancer and finds out that the breast cancer she once beat five years ago is back. TO BE CONTINUED...moreless
  • Don't Fence Me In
    Don't Fence Me In
    Episode 21
    An operation to catch a theft mob is set and Temple goes undercover as a pawn shop salesman who also works selling stolen objects. After entering a scheme for stolen credit cards and laptops, the agents make the arrest for the two brothers who were the heads of the gang. Meanwhile, McGregor investigates the origins of a stolen bracelet caught on Temple's pawn shop, which leads to a case of rape/murder from five years ago. McGregor is convinced the prime suspect is the murderer, but can't make an arrest until he tries to fly outside the country. Nick is still trying to develop a good relationship with the community member, but can't because she won't date white men. Nick tries to make something to please her and stops a demolition in the name of Mannion, who wasn't pleased to hear that and ends up giving Nick a warning about mixing personal life with work. And Queenie, the presidential dog, runs away and a psychic is called to help find her.moreless
  • Running Towards Fire
    Detective Travis Haywood is shot while performing an undercover operation by an off-duty cop. Mannion has to handle the manipulative press that keeps referring to the incident as the third time a black cop has been shot by a white cop. Detective Heywood dies and the issue of prejudice gets stronger as the black cops demand the shooter to be severely punished.moreless
  • The Agony and the Ecstasy
    Just as Mannion and his ex-wife, Sherry, are making plans to get back together, their son, Jack Jr., arrives for a visit. He brings his new girlfriend with him and they announce they're taking a year off college to travel through Europe. The problems grow bigger when Jack Jr. is confronted by his dad for using ecstasy and is later arrested at a rave party for possession and traffic. Meanwhile, a kidnapped woman calls from a car's trunk begging for help before she is killed; Nick has to face neighborhood problems at his new house and Parras is confronted and suspended by her superiors after her gun is stolen by a man she picked up at a bar and used to kill a man.moreless
  • Night Moves
    Night Moves
    Episode 18
    Mannion decides to declare war against street gangs after a drive by shooting kills an innocent pedestrian. Two Latino gangs (the "Colombian Guardian Crew" - C.G.C. - and "Los Muertos") - one Cuban and one Salvadorian - are in war with each other over territory limits and Mannion sends his best men to catch the main leader accused of killing the pedestrian: Carlos "El Gato" Cesar, one of the most dangerous gang members in the city. Meanwhile, Mannion has suspicions that the same man that reported a criminal fire is the one who started it; and Nick has to face his fears after being badly beaten up by a robber.moreless
  • New World
    New World
    Episode 17
    A respected Vietnamese colonel, who is now a successful local businessman, is suspected of running a sex-slave operation using kidnapped Asian girls, one of whom is murdered. Also, Ricky refuses to go to school and he won't tell Ella why; and McGregor's reluctance to publicly acknowledge his relationship with Nancy leads to a confrontation.moreless
  • A Southern Town
    A Southern Town
    Episode 16
    Mannion goes to New York to attend his ex-wife's wedding — and perhaps stop it; an ex-cop accuses Noland of covering up a case 30 years ago that involved a politician's son.
  • The Most Dangerous Job
    Mannion vows to better protect cab drivers after a cabbie fatally shoots a passenger he thought was trying to rob him. Also, a new U.S. Attorney stirs up controversy, and McGregor gets jealous when Nancy receives flowers from an unknown person.
  • Rage Against the Machine
    Mannion attempts to reunite a troubled boy living in foster care with his mother, who is in jail on a drug charge; McGregor tries to prevent a stalker from harming a woman; a female reporter shadows Mannion to write a profile of him; and Temple raises doubts about his upcoming wedding.moreless
  • Vigilante
    Episode 13
    Mannion searches for a vigilante who is killing convicted child molesters; Ella learns that one of her neighbors is a former sex offender.
  • Old Ghosts
    Old Ghosts
    Episode 12
    Mannion becomes personally involved in a case after a woman asks him to find her husband; McGregor threatens a former I.R.A. gunman who is in town for peace talks.
  • The D.C. Strangler
    The D.C. Strangler
    Episode 11
    Temple leads an investigation to catch a serial killer who is murdering prostitutes, but after viewing the women's mutilated bodies he doesn't know if he's strong enough to see the job through; Mannion comes under pressure to hire a politically correct candidate for a district-commander post.
  • The Santa Wars
    The Santa Wars
    Episode 10
    Jack is threatened by an ex-cop who was fired. Ella has to deal with Santas fighting over the hot spots of the city. Jack's suspicious that Nick is seeing his daughter behind his back, when he's in fact trying to work out a way to bring her to see him for Christmas as a surprise. McGregor and Parras continue with their secret affair. A US Senator is arrested for public drunkness and the deputy mayor has to negotiate with Nolan for it not to go public. Expensive video games are stolen and it is discovered the store owner is behind it to get extra money.moreless
  • Pot Scrubbers
    Pot Scrubbers
    Episode 9
    Mannion goes after a dealer who is supplying drugs to rich executives. Meanwhile, his ex-wife, Sherry, shows up unexpectedly to deliver bad news.
  • The Jackal
    The Jackal
    Episode 8
    The city is terrorized by a criminal who stalks elderly people, empties their bank accounts and then kills them; the Mayor comes clean about his sordid past; Ella is asked out on a date, but she's not sure if she should accept.
  • Imperfect Victims
    Imperfect Victims
    Episode 7
    Ella is fearful of what will happen to Ricky when he testifies against his father, who's on trial for murdering the boy's mother; Temple tries to convince the victim of a serial rapist to testify; Nick discovers some explosive evidence against the mayor.
  • How They Lived
    How They Lived
    Episode 6
    Jack finds himself in hot water when his attempt to flush the bad cops out of the district results in a mass of officers calling in sick, throwing the whole department into disarray.
  • The Real Terrorist
    The Real Terrorist
    Episode 5
    The threat of biological terrorism strikes Washington and Chief Mannion has to arrange almost all his force to search for a potential terrorist. An escapee from juvenile detention murders a taxi driver and a few drug dealers and becomes a big threat once he hides in a public schools, putting in danger hundreds of lives. Temple disguises as a student to catch the killer, in an operation that almost cost Ella the guard of her nephew, if it wasn't for Mannion's interference to the judge.moreless
  • Surveillance
    Episode 4
    Mannion creates departmental strife when he orders a special night shift that will put senior officers out on the streets during peak crime hours.
  • Worst Block
    Worst Block
    Episode 3
    As Mannion vows to clean up the most crime-ridden block in the city, community tensions rise when Temple is accused of intentionally pushing a police suspect into oncoming traffic.
  • Dirty Laundry
    Dirty Laundry
    Episode 2
    Mannion issues a mandate to get illegal guns off the streets and uncovers the surprising motive behind the murder of a well-connected young man.
  • Pilot
    Episode 1
    Jack Mannion is hired as Washington D.C.'s new police chief and is instantly greeted with hostility by the city's top brass, led by chief of patrol Joe Noland, who believes he should have been promoted. Jack's arrival sees the sensitive beginning of the true, touching friendship between Jack Mannion and Ella.moreless