The District

Season 4 Episode 22

Something Borrowed, Something Bruised

Aired Saturday 10:00 PM May 01, 2004 on CBS

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  • They investigate the murders of two unidentified women, one who happens to be Debrenos girlfriend Maria. Chief Mannions daughter is getting married.

    Oh my god!

    I can´t belive this was the serie finale. No more The District....

    This episode was a good one. A body is found (by some kids) and beacause it´s been lying in about 50 chemicals it´s impossible to identify the person. At first the police can´t even be sure if it´s a man or a woman, but later it´s determend that the body is a young woman, who´s been wearing high heels. A prostitute?

    Another body is found, badly beaten, in an alley. She´s also belive to be a prostitute. Is a serial killer loose in the city?

    Meanwhile, Joe is back to work after the shooting, something his wife is less that happy about.

    Chief Mannions daughter is, much to her fathers displeasure, getting married to the same guy who has dumped her at the altar once before.

    The unidentified body turns out to be Maria,Det.Debrenos girlfriend.
    Debrenos goes rouge, turing in his bagde and going after the killer himself.