The Division

Season 4 Episode 5

A Death in the Family

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Feb 15, 2004 on Lifetime

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  • Learning about family relationships....

    This was a very enjoyable and heart-pounding episode that although mostly focused on solving the case, also showed some of the family relationships of the characters.

    The main storyline involved Nate and Raina trying to solve the case of a man who supposedly committed suicide at the same assisted living center that his sister who has Down’s Syndrome lives at. She ended up being the unfortunate one who found him. Irene tells Nate that there is no way that he would have killed himself and his parents agree. I was shocked when Nate almost beat up the guy that Irene mentioned the young man was afraid of. It was natural that Nate would want to take Irene out of the home until the case was solved, but I was glad to see Irene stand up for her “home”. After Irene reveals that no resident would go to another’s room because of curfew, Nate thinks that the person another patient heard talking to Tom might have been his father because of the way the family tried to pretend he never existed. However, when the father’s alibi checks out , they move on to the mother. I could not believe it when she actually confessed to helping her son kill himself because his father wanted to send him to a psychiatric hospital because no one could control his outbursts anymore. She gave him an overdose of the medication he was on because he told her to. It was actually heartbreaking to hear her tell about the stories she told him before he died and it was clear that she did it out of love because she did not want to see him hurt anymore. It was clear that she loved her son more than his father did and only did what she felt was best for him. She ended up being arrested, which she obviously should have. In the end, Nate and Irene ended up becoming closer together because of the case, which is something I think Nate needed because he obviously still misses C.D.

    Once again, Kate and Jill end up clashing over Katie Ann’s upbringing. One could easily see that Kate is more than a little upset when Jill reveals that she got into law school at UCLA and knows that she wants to take Katie Ann with her. I was shocked to see Louis just as upset. He even seemed more upset at times than Kate did especially when Jill brought up the fact that he was the one who wanted her to stay. He was even more shocked when Kate said she would accept it, if she really wanted to leave. It was clear that Louis was equating Jill taking Katie Ann away to Kate taking Amanda from him when she was little. In the end, I was thrilled to see that Jill realized she was being selfish about wanting to take Katie Ann with her to law school and ended up leaving her with Kate and Louis so they could care for her while she was at school. I mean it’s obvious she could not have handled taking care of a young baby and try to become a lawyer all alone somewhere with no one to help her, so she made the right choice.

    I am so happy to see Jinny finally with someone who seems like the perfect match for her. It’s so thrilling to see that she has cleaned up her life and I think that Hank can make her stay that way. She ended up telling Hank all the things she did wrong and he chose to still be with her. The two of them have so much fun together and it’s wonderful to see Jinny actually smile and be glad about something for at least one season of this show.

    I would have to say that all in all this episode was one of the best of the series that showed the relationships of the characters evolving over the entire episode. Nate ended up closer to sister than ever before. Kate and Louis are getting closer than they have been in year and Jinny and Hank are basically a full-fledged couple by the end of this episode. Wonderfully written and acted, this was one of the best.